Wood Garage Door: Let’s Know about Its Standard Weight

Are you curious to know about standard wood garage doors? If yes, then go through our discussion. Today, we will talk about wooden garage doors, including their ideal size and weight. 

We often get a common question from people that “how much does a wood garage door weigh?” The weight of the garage door depends on several variables. For example, it depends on the door thickness, door size, and wood quality. 

That means the weight of the garage door will not be the same all the time. However, you can know the weight of your garage door by following some steps. Also, you can get an exact measurement of your wood garage door as well. So, to get further info, let’s read the below content.

Ideal Weight of Wood Garage Doors

Firstly, we will try to make you clear about the ideal weight of the wooden garage door. Mostly, the wood door’s weight can 90 pounds or more than it; however, as we have mentioned before, the door’s weight depends on many issues.

So, to get the exact weight of your garage door, you need to know the door’s height and width first. After that, you have to know the open door’s width and side room as well. Well, the door springs depend on the door weight. 

Moreover, it is very vital to know about the door weight before you install the door springs. We have researched on the door spring and found that two springs are enough for 95 to 140 pounds door. At the same time, you have to go for the four-door springs if your door is 140 to 305 pounds. 

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Ways to Measure the Garage Doors

Are you thinking of going for the new wood garage door? Then you must know the ideal measurement for the door. Here, we will talk about how one can measure the garage door. 

We cannot but say that you will never get a perfect size door without measuring it from a different angle. So, you have to measure your door’s width at first. Here, you have to keep in mind that start measuring from the left horizontal length to the right. Now you have to measure the door’s height of the wooden door. 

Well, measure the height from the highest to the bottom point. Also, you have to measure the headroom and ceiling too. Lastly, look at the below calculation to help you get the wood garage weight at ease.  

Door Weight= Density X Height of the Door X Thickness X Width / 1,000,000. Hopefully, this simple calculation will help you to get the exact measurement for your wood garage door. 

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Kinds of Wood Garage Door


First of all, there are different kinds of wood garage doors available in the market. So, one can select any door according to the budget and choice. The wooden doors build of three kinds of wood such as Cedar, Hemlock, and Redwood. 

One of the fantastic things about these woods is they provide natural resistance that is best for rotting. Well, oak is another excellent wood for the garage door. Indeed, oak wood is very durable and robust. 

Do you know why these woods are best for the garage doors? Mainly, they all provide natural oil that works like natural protection. Also, this sort of oil protects the doors, even in bad weather conditions. 

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Prepare Wood Door for Your Garage

Mostly, people hire a specialist to fit the garage door but they can do this by themselves. So, one should know some basic steps to prepare their wood garage door. 

Firstly, you need to make sure of the cleaning of the wood. So, after painting, the look would be subtle. On the other hand, skipping the simple steps can ruin the final look. 

Dirt and dust can easily stick in the corner of the wood. As a result, after painting, it will give an unpleasant look. So, it is vital to make the panel tidy before applying paint. Also, drying the wood is essential before painting. 

The wood surface is soft. So, do not use any high pressurized washer to clean the door. If you use one high power washer, it may damage the soft surface of the door wood. At the same time, keep in mind both faces of the garage door are essential. So, don’t focus only on the front side of the wood garage door. 

Wood is naturally hygroscopic. So, it expands and squeezes lit with the change of humidity. As a result, we need to prepare the wood properly to protect it from cold or heat. That is why painting or coating the wood perfectly can allow a long-lasting, great look. 

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Tips to Maintain the Wood Garage Door

The priority is to maintain the look of the wooden door. Extreme weather and UV rays can damage the wood. So, we need protection for the wood and ‘sealants’ is best for it. Also, acrylic latex sealing needs to apply before sealant for the paneled door. 

Mostly, the color of the wood door tends to fake after two years. The ventilation system of the garage is an essential factor for the wood garage door. Condensation may ruin the wood door. To skip the varied weather, a conditional hazard for wood door needs the right ventilation in the garage.   

There are some other parts like rollers, springs, and hinges in a wood garage door. So, you need to take care of these parts and the well-being of the wood doors. If the door weight is not balanced, then it can cause cracks on the door. Also, it creates problems in closing and opening of the door. So, to avoid damage, always check every part of your door regularly.

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1. How Do You Know the Weight of Your Garage Door?

Use the calculation to find out the exact weight of your wood garage door.

2. What is the Weigh of the 16 ft. Garage Door? 

Weight varies on different issues. Mostly, 16 ft. garage door weight is 150-180 LBS.

Final Verdict

From the above content, you may have a clear idea of a wood garage door weight. So one can easily get how much a wood garage door weighs. Lastly, you will be able to calculate, prepare, and take care of your wood garage door. 

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