Pool Skimmer Leak Repair Above Ground (With 5 Best Service)

The skimmer of the above-ground pool makes it clean and fresh if you have an above-ground pool, but if their skimmer leaks, you just one click away from the solution.

Skimmers are an essential part of a swimming pool to keep its water clean. It is like a bucket that is built on the side of an above ground pool. Skimmers have a similar function as a handheld skimmer as it keeps the leaves, debris or any other particle away. So it helps to clear the way of water to filter and make it in a regular flow. 

Above ground pool skimmers are responsible for water circulation and filtration. It is located at the starting point of water circulation so better assist in its flow towards the pool and filtration. 

Without a skimmer, it is not easy to filter the water in the pool, so it is an essential part of swimming pools. Don’t worry about your pool skimmer damage and needs repair. We will provide you with complete guidelines regarding your skimmer issue.  

What is above ground pool?

Swimming pools are available in many forms, but everyone makes them according to their demand. Now above ground swimming pools are in abundance and also have many issues. 

Above ground, pools consist of steel or aluminum walls, resins, top edge to provide support, a vinyl liner, pump or motor, and water filtration system. It is round in shape and available in various sizes. Most pools are between 48″ to 54″ deep.

It is similar to in-ground pools in its functioning and all other systems like a concrete filling, skimmers, filters, pumps, and all other necessary things—you don’t have any need to prepare the area first to install it. 

As it is above ground and skimmers are near the upper ledges, it is easy to handle Pool skimmer leak repair above ground. However, there is no need to relocate the poolside to find a skimmer and repair it. 

It is easy to find and access the leaks in pool skimmers and also easy to repair.

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What to do about a leaking pool skimmer?

Skimmers have a major leaking issue that many of us face and need their permanent solution. In above-ground pools, skimmer fillings are tight on the poolside and sealed with a gasket. 

Skimmers leak due to a loose skimmer faceplate or gasket that is old and has cracks.  To access the skimmer problems, keep an eye on the water level. If water drops from its status, then your skimmer has issues like leaking, clogging of debris, or any other. 

If the skimmer faceplate is not leaked, do vacuum cleaning to remove any debris or large particle block skimmers. 

In the case of a pool, leaking finds out the leak’s exact location as skimmers have three essential parts (mouth, face, and bowl). Call the profession for proper guidelines and get an expert opinion if the problem is severe. 

How to tell if the skimmer is leaking?

Skimmer leak is the most common type of leak in pools. It is easier to detect skimmer leaks than other kinds of leaks. 

The quick sign to access the pool skimmer leak is by noticing the drop of water level. Suppose it stays the same below the skimmer, then it’s clear that your skimmer is leaking. Don’t worry; it is easy to fix unless there is no physical damage. 

So when you notice the skimmer leak, call for a professional for repair. Professionals find a way of skimmer leak, and the standard-issue is due to the difference between concrete and skimmer. It is best to let the professionals do their work and repair your pool leaking issue. 

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How to repair the skimmer? 

Here is the step by step guide to repairing your skimmer leak problem. 

  • Check for loose screw fittings.

Check all fittings inside out the skimmer. You never know from where the water star is leaking. The skimmer faceplate is the most common phrase from where water starts dripping. It allows the water to enter in gaskets. 

If there is any loose screw, tight them immediately and check out again if there is any leaking or not. 

  • Drain down the pool

If tightening screws didn’t solve your problem, then it’s the gasket that needs replacement. The gasket is around the skimmer fitting. Drain the pool water by one or two-inch below the skimmer faceplate.

  • Remove the skimmer faceplate.

Remove the skimmer faceplate by opening the nuts with the help of pliers or socket wrench. Nuts hold the skimmer at a place and prevent it from falling. 

  • Remove the skimmer and gasket.

Now remove the skimmer unit from the back of the pool and faceplate from the inside. Separate carefully, and don’t drop the screws in the pool. 

Remove gasket by peeling off the old caulking. Ensure that there is not any scrape left inside the pool after removing the gasket. 

  • Install a new gasket

Please get a new gasket and coat both pieces with silicone caulk. Attach one piece outside and the other to inside the pool wall. The inside gasket is between the pool wall and the pool liner. 

Now again coat the other sides of the gasket with silicone caulk. Take a skimmer faceplate and skin with silicone caulk. Attach the faceplate at its position inside the pool. Put the screws back on the faceplate by aligning with existing liner holes.

  • Reinstall the skimmer

Now lift the skimmer back to its original position from outside and align screws with the skimmer unit’s holes. 

Hold the screws by screwdriver through the faceplate, and tighten the nuts from the unit’s back. Don’t over tighten the nuts as it may cause cracks in the skimmer. 

  • Final steps

Make sure that there is no crack left without filling. Fill it with silicone caulks from both sides.

Inspect the plumbing unit of the skimmer. If there is any loose clamp or flexible pipe, then tighten all. Don’t over tighten any nuts as it may cause cracks.

Wait for 24 hours for checking and refilling the pool with water.

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3.Common skimmer repair solutions

There are many ways for pool skimmer leak repair above ground, but here are some standard solutions that help you out. 

The skimmer is for the above ground pool designed for the vinyl liner pool, which has a unique faceplate and gasket fitted with the mouth. It ensures the appropriate seal between liner and skimmer to prevent leaks. 

Repairing a leaky gasket is costly. So if you have any similar problem, then have a look. 


Crack at the mouth near the shell of the pool is repairable by using epoxy putty. It is a versatile option for the concrete pool. Many services provide their services with color and colossal workability, but all of them are too expensive. Putty is inexpensive and best to repair your problem in the mouth of the skimmer.

Every good thing has some drawbacks so far, putty. It is best but a temporary solution that you need to replace every season. 

However, the more permanent solution for the skimmer mouth problem is foam injection to seal the cracks and fill them in the skimmer body. The foam injection process uses urethane foam to fill and stabilize the voids around the skimmer body. It ensures that there is no fear of any further damage.

So it is expensive but a more reliable solution that lasts for many years.


Throat refers to the pipes of the skimmer. If there is any crack or damage within six inches from the bottom of the skimmer bowl, don’t worry. There is an excellent technology named skimmer saver. It can pass the water flow and repair the damaged pipes while maintaining the regulator circulation towards filtration. 

You can use it as a permanent or temporary solution to your damage, but it’s effective technology.


Due to excessive movement around the skimmer body, their bowls are most susceptible to damage or crack. It is also a challenging part to repair. 

To repair the bowl or body use epoxy putty, adhesive like it will move after some time. Use the best glue to repair the cracks in a bowl or replace the cracked bowl with a permanent solution.

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Five best repair services

  1. In the swim https://intheswim.com/help.html
  2. NJ Pool Patcher https://poolpatcher.com/
  3. Certified leak detection https://certifiedleakdetection.com/
  4. Aqua-Guard 5000 https://www.aquaguard5000.com/
  5. Naples skimmer repair http://www.naplesskimmerrepair.com/

FAQs About The Leaky Pool Skimmer:

How do you fix a leaky pool skimmer? 

It is easy to fix a leaky skimmer. Use moldable epoxy and apply it on the cracked part of the skimmer. Press along the material as there is a difference between epoxy and pool putty. Get expert guidance to have a permanent solution for your leaky skimmer.

Why is my skimmer leaking? 

Skimmer starts leaking due to various reasons like loose faceplate, crack a gasket, or broken—the best to access the damaged skimmer notice your pool water level. If it drops down below the skimmer and stops at a point, it must be an issue in the skimmer. The faceplate is the most likely part of the damage in the skimmer. 

Should the pool water level be above the skimmer? 

No, don’t cover the whole skimmer. Always leave the half skimmer opening above the waterline. It allows the water circulation as debris is drawn away from the top. Debris in water can create changes in water chemistry. Please don’t drop the water level too low as it allows the skimmer to take too much air.


Above ground pool skimmers have equal importance as the other pools. The one advantage is that it is easy to repair and detect the issue. Skimmers help to ease the filtration process by collecting the debris from the upper surface of the water. It is easy to fix, but it’s best to call a professional to get more reliable work. Replacing a skimmer is expensive so if it is in repairable condition, then do it immediately. 

Always keep an eye on your pool water level because it helps you find any damage related to leaking in the initial stage. So it also reduces the cost of repair. 

I hope this article helps you a lot with your skimmers leaking problem, and now you are also able to make a clear decision regarding repair or replacement.

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