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Do you have a damaged baptismal pool? Baptismal pool damage is typical, so don’t worry. You are at the right place. Here you get all information regarding baptismal pool repair.

To a Christian, Baptism is one of the most significant religious moments. It is their way to proclaim their belief in Jesus publicly. Baptismal pools or fonts are like containers that hold hot water for the day of Baptism celebration. Followers of Jesus submit their bodies in water to confess their sins.

So it’s important to provide a safe experience to the congregants by giving hot water in cold weather. Repairing and replacing the baptism pool is expensive, so it’s better to regularly take pool maintenance care.
Evangelist Baptism submersion. Jesus modeled the process of baptism for us. Baptism symbolized dying to self and coming alive in Jesus. Many Christians including stock images

Many old baptisteries have concrete tiles in their construction. They are easy to install but difficult to repair if they start leaking. That’s why many options are available in the market, like glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) liner or fiberglass pool.

However, let’s discuss the repair of the baptismal pool and its most common problems and solutions.

Baptismal pool repair or replace

Some damages are minor that can be repaired, but in some cases, it isn’t easy to improve, so in that case, you need to replace them. Fiberglass baptismal pools are easy to repair and have a significant problem in its maintenance.

Baptismal pool either leaks or starts looking dirty due to rust or discoloration in fiberglass. So in that regard, many companies offer their services. Sometimes, the damage is severe and only needs replacement, which is always costly.

Every church baptismal pool is of a different size, so here is the repair or resurfacing price list according to the baptismal pool size.

Pool sizeCost of repairing or resurfacing
5 square feetĀ $562
10-15 square feetĀ $820
90 square feet$2,040
100 square feet$2,390
110 square feet$2,850

It is the average price. Every service decides their rates, so the cost of repair is varying for baptismal pool.

Baptismal fiberglass repair

It is easy to repair the cracked or damaged fiberglass. Mostly cracks appear at the stretch points. The fiberglass fixtures are fixable in some cases, but some are severe. They require complete unit replacement of its thin gel layer, and sometimes fiberglass needs to replace.

Professionals are experts in repairing the cracked fiberglass and make it new by using the thick gel layer. We recommend you to take proper maintenance care so that it helps you to extend its life for many years.

Baptismal pool heater repair

The heater is an essential part that needs to repair immediately. The water stays usually damages it for a long time. And the other damage reason is due to the electricity problem. So you need to assess appropriately before repairing or replacement. If there is a problem with its motor, then it needs to replace.pool heater repair

Replacement is always expensive because it includes the cost of labor and part. There are many types of baptismal pool heart available in the market that ranges from low price to high, so it depends on the heater type.

Common problems 

The fiberglass baptismal pool looks beautiful. However, some issues need immediate repair.

  • Color changes

Mostly baptismal pool fiberglass color changes from various patches. Then it isn’t easy to find a similar color and make it even tone. Although there is a wide range of colors, still it’s a challenging task.

Color change looks weird, affecting the color of water, so it needs to be even-toned.

  • Cracks in the baptismal pool

Fiberglass baptismal pools are common now. But the cracks are the central issue, and sometimes it leads to the replacement. Fiberglass has a gel coat on which spiders make the cracks that don’t look attractive and increase when pressure builds on it by a person.

These cracks occur when shipping or installation because the gel coating is fragile, so it mostly needs replacement.

  • Bulging pool walls

The backfill of the baptismal pool is sand, which causes the bulging walls. It looks dirty, and if you press it with pressure, then sad mixes with water. Fiberglass is easy to press as it is flexible.Bulging pool walls

High water tables in some areas are the main reason for this problem. Concrete pools are best in this regard and use as an alternative to this problem.

  • Baptismal pool heater

The heater is the key to the baptismal pool. It acts as the heater and pumps to pull and push the water. It is also a standard part of the pool that gets damage. Coldwater is difficult to withstand in the cold weather, so it needs immediate repair by the professional.

The heater may be heating the water due to a problem with the electrical connection or any other issue. It needs to access the reason behind the damage to the pool heater properly.

  • Contaminated Water

During the baptism, ceremony water remains in the tank for several days, due to which the growth of microorganisms increases. It creates a dangerous environment for everyone in the church.

Ensure that the tank is well-drained after every ceremony so that your water and fiberglass condition is well maintained. If you didn’t take care, then you need to take professional help.

  • Water damage

There are chances of water pipes burst under the wall, and the moisture seeps through the pool walls. So it damages the water inside the pool.water damage

The plumber must perform the complete safety check to maintain its condition for a longer time.

Frequently asked question about baptismal fiberglass pool repair :

How long does baptism last?

Baptism is like a ceremony for the followers of Jesus. The entire process of baptism takes 20 to 30 minutes. It is best to drain the water after every ritual to maintain the baptismal pool’s condition.

How much water does a Baptist church take?

The baptismal pool is a large tank that contains at least 65-gallon water. Now there are many portable baptismal tubs available that have a capacity of different levels. So every church baptismal pool is of varying size.

How much does it cost to repair the baptismal pool?

The baptismal pool repair cost depends on the type of damage, pool material, and pool size. Previously the pool is of concrete material, challenging to repair, but now the baptismal pool is available in fiberglass. It is coated with the thin gel layer, which is most affected, and its replacement is the best unit. As for the damage types, if the crack is minor, it needs to repair that part by applying a thin layer of getting, but if the shot is severe, you need to replace the whole unit, which is cost-effective.


Baptism is a religious ceremony of Jesus followers, so the baptismal pool must be in good condition. The best way to maintain its condition is proper care. Many baptismal pool churches didn’t drain off the water that causes the pipe burst, discoloration, and development of fungus and bacteria. It affects the whole church environment and also makes it difficult for believers.

Baptismal pool repair is not complicated. If you didn’t know, you could call for a professional who works hard to maintain your baptismal pool.  Services also have trained technicians who perform any repair if necessary.

I hope this article helps you in the best possible way and you have the information you want to know. 

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