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Are you a new pool owner in las vegas? Don’t you know anything about the pool pump and its problems? Don’t worry; you are in the right place.

Please go through our whole article to know everything about the pool pump, its problems, and solutions in las vegas.

Swimming in the pool is a great relaxing activity. The pump in the pool is like the pool water circulation system’s heart. The pump pulls the water, pushes it towards the filter, and then returns it to the pool. An essential pump comprises three components (motor, lint trap, and impeller), so if there is any damage, you need to repair and replace the part or full pump. The pump works to provide clean water in the pool, so the pump needs to be accurate.

Pool pump repair and replacement cost

Swimming pools require regular cleaning and service to work like you need to maintain regular cleaning and repairing liner and heater. Or if one of its parts is not working, then replace that before it damages the whole pump. The filter system is an essential part of the pool pump, and it bears the water flow for all time.

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It requires more frequent replacement because it gets clogged due to the particles in the pool. A filtration system in the pool pump has 8 to 12 years of life then replaced. Its replacement cost varies as it depends on the company. Most filtration systems differ between the range of $150 to $800.  It requires a professional to replace, so the labor cost is also around $80 to $ 200 in las vegas, and it depends on their experience.

Signs to replace a pool pump

There are two primary components in the poop pump that make it the perfect machine for the pool. A pump mechanism and a motor mechanism are the significant parts. When the pump starts to damage, it showing up in the signs; you may not notice that, so now it needs to be replaced. Here are the signs that give you the alarming signals of replacing the pump.

  • Motor completely fails to work.
  • Motor start making the noise like a grinding sound
  • A pump stops pushing and pulling the water.

Now, if you face any single issue, then you must need to replace the pump. Many of you may experience confusion, like the pump’s exterior is delicate and didn’t show any sign of damage, so your motor is in good condition. But you’re mistaken. Pump working depends on its internal engine and other parts, so if there is any damage in the inner system, it needs to be replaced.  If your pump is old, it isn’t easy to find a similar motor, and also it costs high, increasing the cost of replacement. In case if you didn’t find the engine, then you have to replace the complete pump.

If your pump is still under the company warranty, it’s easy to repair and replace in las vegas as you need to contact them and resolve your problem at any cost.

Replacement of the motor of the pump is cost-effective instead of replacing the whole pump of the pool. Pump motor replacement requires $25 to $200, but it also increases by adding professional technician labor costs, ranging from $40 to $100.

Replacement is always more expensive than repairing, so try to maintain the pool pump’s condition by properly cleaning and maintaining the maintenance with professional services after a set duration of time.

Best Pool Pump Brands cost 

Replacement cost depends on the pool pump company, so here are the various pumps from different companies in las vegas.

Model of pumpsCost of pump
IntelliFlo$850 to $1,200
Superflo VS$645 to $750
Ecostar$880 to $1,255
Max-Flo$655 to $973
Super Pump$365 to $470

Sign of troubled pool pump and solutions

Pool pumps are an expensive part that needs your proper attention. So keep your eye on what’s happening with your poop pump working. If your pump is not working well, you need to repair and replace it to maintain the water circulation.

In case you are unable to access the problem, hire a professional, and get their assistance to keep pool pump condition.three women sitting beside flamingo floater near swimming pool during daytime

Here is the list of problems that you may face and didn’t understand, so I will also guide you to the proper solutions you can follow.

Pool pump leaks

Pump leak is the most common problem that appears in almost every pool. It has various reasons that you may not know in the beginning to save it in the start. These include:

  • Bad sealant
  • Shaft seals worn out.
  • Impeller housing damage
  • Discharge through shrunken pipes

These are the pump parts that show problems, but they are available in the market separately to purchase and replace. You can replace them by yourself if you have all the necessary tools or get the professional assistance to replace them immediately with perfection.

Not pulling water

If the pump is not pulling the water with speed or reduces the spread to fill the pool, there is a filter system problem. It causes water to become dirty and musty in color.

This problem’s central issue is a clogged filter or pipe that delays the filtration process and water supply. The impeller may also be blocked, or air leakage may also be the issue.

So the only solution is proper cleaning so that there is no clog and no blockage in the pipes and pump.

Motor fails to work

If a motor fails to turn on or switch off after a few, there must be a problem. You need to check the electricity and heating capacity of the motor. Sometimes the motor stops working when it heats up to the normal range.

Check the pump breaker, and it is working correctly, then the problem is in the motor’s eclectic circuit. You need to call a professional technician who has good experience with pool pumps so that they can resolve your issue immediately.

Noisy pump

The pump produces noise in normal conditions. However, if it starts making a loud noise, then there is damage that needs your attention. The most common cause is the vibration in the pool pump structure, or there is an unstable water supply through the pump or filter.

Bearing is a part of the pump that makes noise when it is worn out. It is a different noise and a high pitch than the pool pump’s usual sound. It requires a highly expert technician to completely disassemble and then replace the bearing.

The pool pump is only pulling in air.

Pump, pull and push the water. If it starts pulling the air, then the pump starts heating. The heating problem is caused even by the small amount of air in the pump. The air leak problem starts with little air, and it gradually converts into the central issue.

The cause of this damage in the pump is due to the weak thread sealant, shoddy plumbing, and the leak valve of the motor. If you face air sucking by the pool pump, call the professional to assist you with the best possible solution.

Five best repair pool pump services in las vegas

There are a long number of companies that offer their services for pool pump repair in las vegas. But here I am, enlisting the top best services which have high professional technicians. So you can contact your suitable ones by visiting their websites.

How much does it cost to repair a pool pump?

Cost of repairing the pool pump varies with the experience of labor and the material. On average it ranges between $50 to $300 cost. If there is damage in any part and needs to replace, it also adds to its price. If repair is not the solution you need to replace, then the new pool pump’s replacement cost ranges from $150 to $800. It reduces if you replace on your own or hire a technician with less or no experience.

How many years does a pool pump last?

The average life of any pool pump is 8 to 15 years, and after that, it should be replaced. The actual lasting capacity of a pool pump depends on its quality. The pool pump needs to be perfect in condition as it is the heart of your swimming pool and has a crucial role in passing the water through the filter and bringing it back.

Why is my pool pump not working?

There are many problems behind your pump, but there is an electrical issue if it didn’t switch on. Sometimes the pump starts working but shut down immediately; then, you may have a heating or connection issue. In another case, your pump may be jammed. However, assess the problem carefully and fix it as it is easy to deal with these problems.

How do you fix a locked pool pump?

If your pump is locked with corrosion or clog, then open the lower part and try to open py using a screwdriver. It gradually starts opening, but if it doesn’t open, you need to call the professional who opens up all the pumps and make it corrosion or clog-free. Then it starts working.


A swimming pool is nothing without a pump. The pump has a limited shelf life, and after that, it needs to be replaced. So take proper care so that you didn’t need to replace them after a few years. The pump is the most working part of the swimming pool as compared to all other aspects. It works to pull and push the water towards the filter and also back to the pool. So it plays a significant role in the clean water of the pool. The pump is an expensive part, so its repairing and replacement are also costly. You can reduce that cost if you maintain the cleaning. 

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