RV Transmission Repair: The Ultimate Guide For(Beginners)

Nowadays, an RV is the most popular vehicle by which you can roam around in the city street and have an adventure residence. A decade ago, people didn’t like staying in a moving vehicle called a recreation vehicle. But no moving vehicle isn’t out of the problem where there is a transmission, RV also not out of this transmission problem. So, it’s now a key concern for the camper for RV transmission repair. By repairing the RV, you can again enjoy your adventurous journey.

It is not that much hard to diagnose the RV transmission problem and easy to repair. Going through the article will help you get the easy step to have your smooth journey with an RV. It’s not that hard to repair your RV; you need a little awareness, maintain the below steps, and have the RV renew again.

Having a Problem with Repair RV Transmission? The Solution Is Here

What is the transmission?

In a vehicle, the action of transmitting something, or can say the state of the being sent, is known as the transmission. By transmission, a machine power transmitting can be gained. This transmission also refers to the gearbox of the machine known as the heart of the moving devices. The gearbox, Clutch, and all together parts provide torque on a machine or by which combination the machine is moving; the whole system is called transmission in a machine.

What is transmission in RV?

We all know about the RV in our daily life. RV is nothing without the power transmission. All the functions are provided with system name transmission. RV is roaming around here and there, city to city and from street to street. Life is now easier and more comfortable with the RV. Power generation system means that all are having the transmission system from the moving power to RV maintenance. Previously RV was in manual transmission by towing by other vehicles, but the RV is automatically transmitted by machine. It can make the transmission type various types. Still, all the purpose is to operate efficiently by giving torque to the Engine power. Above all, transmission is the term for an RV. It indicates the RV is moving automatically nowadays by gaining engine power and so on.

Types of RV transmission?

Before knowing the repair RV transmission procedure, we must know the RV transmission type and its works. After that, we can easily find a sort of problem in an RV and so on the repair.

  1. Motorhome ( Class A) ‘s often bus conversions.
  2. Motorhome campervan (class B)
  3.  Motorhome Class C.
  4. Motorhome class conversion.
  5. Truck camper.
  6. Popup camper.
  7. Teardrop trailer.
  8. Travel trailer.
  9. Fifth wheel camper.
  10. Toy hauler RV.

This is all about the nowadays common RV type. Each is having its distinguished RV transmission system. The travel trailer is now the most famous RV in the city street. But class B RV type is easy to drive as the transmission is almost similar to other bus vehicles. 

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The function of the RV transmission:

The function is nothing complicated as already we have the vehicle like a bus car etc. The primary purpose is to go through with minimizing the fuel consumption. And this primary job is to convert the Engine power for getting the mechanic advantage to move on the RV for our adventurous journey. The transmission job has to do its proper function; without this, it will only continue fuel consumption, but the purpose is in vain. We are using this transmission in our RV to move our vehicle. Unless it’s proper functioning, we get nothing but extra cost. So here is the point that has to be appropriately maintained and check the regular time of interval. With these simple steps, we will have our smooth journey with the most famous RV. 

Indication of RV transmission getting out:

Naturally, you will understand easily as it will no longer work when getting out conditions. 

>> The first indication will go with your car’s handle. This will affect the bad transmission mood.

>> Secondly, you will have vibration and slippage or have a different shift pattern in your RV.

>> Finally, you find your gearbox broken in this condition.

Along with this, you will have a bad acrid smell. This smell is not similar, not like burning fuel but the same as burning rubber. Sometimes fluid leaks, and it will drop into engine parts.

Procedure for RV transmission repair:

The RV transmission issue is challenging to find out. It’s also challenging to get rid of this type of problem as we are not a professional mechanic. Sometimes, professionals also failed and are replacing instead of repairs as it’s hard to find out the internal transmission problem. So it’s always advisable to keep in mind that prevention is better than cure, like your RV transmission diagnosis, before thinking the repair works. And this will give you a fair price to get a repair on your RV transmission. No matter how many experts you are here, the writing will help you to repair the transmission of RV:

First method:

Troubleshooting your RV transmission problem;

  1. The first thing is to listen if there is any grinding or not. It’s an indication of trouble for transmission. Clutch failing or manual gearing grinding will occur or may result from worn synchro gears in the transmission itself. Grinding means metal failure, and very soon, the transmission will fail. No sooner had to listen to the sound pull the vehicle over immediately, whether pulling or towing. If it is in certain gears, it is advised to try double clutch shifting.
  2. Another way is to find out vibration as vibration can cause failure in your transmission. So it’s necessary to pay attention to the RV while driving. Being as benign as a rock or ice rims on your tire is also a serious issue. While driving, if you hear vibration check the tires by pulling over the RV. If there is no sign of any abnormal vibration, it may be from the drivetrain. So, try to get where the pulse comes from.
  3. When driving, if there is vibration and you have to find out in running condition, then pressing on assessing and gas if there is vibration or not, it speeds up or slows down by acceleration. After that, take the RV in neutral condition and press on the gas again. It’s come from an unbalanced wheel when at a certain speed and vibration is found. Also, if it comes from the wheel or drives shaft, vibration stays constant when RV is not in gear. Last, any issue from Engine transmission vibration will give the engine RPM increasing.
  4. On your RV, you have to pay attention to jerky shifts. If you are driving with automatic transmission, pay attention to how it shifts from gear to gear. This type of transmission needs a smooth shift. The hard shift will create worn transmission fluid. So, before low transmission fluid, drive it in a safe location.
  5. Before thinking about the repair of your RV, measure the Engine RPM with a tachometer. Gear and all others related have to maintain a problem to damage your transmission.
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Second Method:

Automatic transmission problems diagnosing;

  1. Remember that you have to maintain transmission fluid, so why do you look for leaking. If there is any wet area, you must examine it with your fingers and determine the fluid by its color. If it is brown or black, it’s usual. And red color is automatic transmission fluid, and the coolant is usually green or orange.
  2. For checking if the fluid is full or not and for any leakage, it dips stick immediately. By inserting the dipstick in fluid, you can measure it as having minimum and maximum levels. If it’s minimum, you can fill it up by adding fluid. If you are having trouble with finding the fluid, refer to its owner’s manual for guidance.

Third Method:

Manual transmission with narrow down issues.

  1. The transmission has to be in each gear. The parking brake has to be working and has to clutch the pedal to the floor. Each gear has to shift through each transmission, and the highest gear should be in culminating with, and your RV transmission is equipped with. The Clutch will fail if the vehicle can’t shift into any gear.
  2. Manual transmission is not the same as the automatic transmission lubricated by fluid. Manual transmission is Lubricated by gear oil. And the measuring procedure for the fluid is the same as a dipstick. Without finding a dipstick, you can go through the Manual user.
  3. You have to check the gear oil and determine if it burns out or not. By overheating, burning can easily occur. How will you understand this burning gear oil? Yes, you will find an odor that almost resembles onions. Burning oil in this situation will create difficulties in shifting. And you should replace and drain this burning oil. But having to maintain adding oil that is equipped with the transmission, not wrong burning oil, by adding wrong burning oil, will be more in danger.
  4. Have you listened to Clutch and have to press and be depressed. If the sound comes from transmission at an idle, push the Clutch. But when the release of the pilot bearing problem it will give you changing the sound. The Clutch is having trouble with the transmission input shaft; it will indicate grinding. 
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RV camper repair cost: 

Though it’s hard to fix the cost, you can get the estimated idea about your cost. It varies on the size of the camper. Anywhere you can get the service around $4000 to $20000. For the truck camper, the average cost is for air conditioner $600 to $2000, refrigerator $500 to $1500, waste system $400 to $2400, slide-out $500 to $1500, freshwater system $200 to $900, suspension$300 to $1000. Used transmission cost can range from $800 to $1500, where the rebuild transmission cost is $1100 to $2800. Normally the labor bill ranges from $500 to $1200 for 4 to 10 hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Is it worth fixing a transmission?

Rebuilding anything can save you money. And it’s worth no doubt. For most of them, for the initial cost of the rebuild, the transmission is worth it. Thinking replacement is costly, as well as having to think so many things. A sufficient Money, maybe twenty-five dollars, or most will cost for the rebuild.

Replace or rebuild which one is cheaper in RV?

Rebuild is possible for fixing the transmission on the RV. And this will also be less costly than replacement. Replacing something will need more time and more money, which won’t be desired for anyone. The rebuild process can get in the factory, and it will make the RV renew again. Rebuild you can add something new in RRV

What is the sign of transmission failure?

1.The obvious is whining and clunking.
2.Lack of response on machines.
3.Burning smell.
4.It was leaking fluid.
5.Gears will be grinding.
6.In the neutral condition, there is also noise.
7.Dashboard lights.


Already you have all the information about your RV transmission repair. By maintaining the above procedure, you can save your money and get out of the problem with your RV. Don’t need to be upset. All the moving vehicles must have this type of problem when they are having transmission. RV transmission also needs some repairs regarding some problems. Just maintain the above procedure and set the mind that pieces of machinery should have a problem. You have the above description already introduced with the solution of Repair RV transmission.

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