How to replace an RV awning roller tube?

Who wouldn’t like to have a good-looking Awning RV rollers tube instead of old damaged ones? Of course, everybody does! But it is not usually simple to replace an RV awning roller tube, particularly for an amateur. 

Ever exchanged your RV awning roller tube by yourself? If no, then surely you will face issues in replacing the RV awning roller tube. So, what to do to not have any issues when replacing the roller tube? 

In this article, we have come with the solution to your problem. And that is the complete guidelines for replacing an RV roller tube. Let’s get started! 

How to replace an RV awning roller tube?

Indeed, replacing the RV awning is difficult for the first-timer. But with the consecutive steps of replacing the roller tube, it won’t be that difficult also! 

Let’s see what guidelines you should follow to replace the RV awning roller tube.

Make sure you have 

  • Drill
  • Sharp knife 
  • Electrical tape/ Masking tape 
  • Vice grip wrenches
  • Marker
  • Screwdriver/ Electrical drill
  • Non-permanent marker 
  • Ladders
  • Silicone lubricant spray 
  • A couple of Allen wrenches 

Steps to do

Step 1: Take preparation 

First of all, take preparation to replace the RV awning rollers tube. Intending so, you have to purchase an awning fabric according to its previous measurement. 

Choose the high-quality fabric when purchasing the fabric for your RV awning rollers tube. When installing the RV awning, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Regardless of these, replacement of the awning rollers tube needs more than one person. A particular person individually cannot complete the whole process without any help. So, it would be better if you have two or three assistants to do the replacement. 

Step 2: Remove the bolts of the awning roller tube 

There should be a total of 4 bolts at both sides of the awning roller tube. Remove these bolts from your awning tube with a cordless drill and bolt extractor tips.

Start the process from one side of the awning roller tube consecutively. 

Step 3: Screw off with the screwdriver/electric drill 

After you remove the bolts of the awning, concentrate on removing the screws of it. There should be 2 small screws at the end of the horizontal metal plate of the awning. With the screw, the metal plate is holding the track of the RV roller tube.  

Screw off both of them with the screwdriver. You can also use an electric drill to remove the screw from the awning instead of the screwdriver. 

Step 4: Extend the awning arms of the RV to the ground 

There must be 2 brackets at each side of the RV. Pull both of the brackets from the upper to the ground to replace the RV awning roller tubes. 

Verily, most of the RV vehicle comes with the brackets which need to pull from upper to down. But currently, the awning arms of many RV models need to extend from lower to upper. 

So, before going through the process, understand what the process of your vehicle is. And then continue the process of extending the RV brackets. 

Step 5: Open the awning from the RV by rolling it

After extending the brackets, it’s time to open the awning, which is in the middle of the two brackets. You can take the help of a lever for that. 

Extend the awning of the vehicle from upper to lower with the lever. When taking a lever to extend the awning, make sure it is more than 1-foot long. 

That’s because the height of most RV is more than 1 foot in length. If your chosen lever is less than 1 foot, you cannot use it for awning replacement.  

Step 6: Put the electrical tape on the brackets to protect the RV

Before starting the replacement process, you have to ensure the safety of your RV. For that, you have to cover the upper side of the RV brackets with electrical tape. Instead of an electrical tap, you can also use masking tape.

Regardless to say, this step will protect your RV from any types of outward scratches. 

Step 7: Cut the sealant between awning fabric and RV

Now, take a sharp to cut connects between awning fabric and RV. It is the sealant that creates connections between the awning fabric and RV. 

Use a sharper knife to cut the sealant instead of a rugged and older knife. Particularly, when your RV is older, don’t even think of using the rugged knife. It will cause a severe scratch to your favorite RV. 

However, apply the sharp knife to separate the awning fabric from the RV. Move to the next step after cutting the sealant. 

Step 8: Separate the fabric from the track

To separate the fabric from the track, use a flat-blade screwdriver and insert it into the tracks’ joint. Apply the screwdriver at a downward position. This step will separate the fabric from the track and make the RV ready for awning replacement. 

Step 9: Drag out the roller tube out from the RV

Now gently drag out the roller tube from its position of the RV track. When pulling the roller tube, you have to become more careful. 

That’s because your subconscious mind can damage your RV walls when pulling the roller. 

Step 10: Remove the plastic cap to Lock two rear spring 

Find out the two springs at the end of the roller tube’s sides. They must be covered with a black plastic cap, which you have to remove. After removing the black protective cap, the springs will get locked automatically. 

After this process, insert a screwdriver and let it stay in the same position. 

Step 11: Release the right arms opening the bolt.

Come to the right arm of the roller tube’s right bracket and release it. For that, you’ve to lose the bolts, which are at the middle of the roller tube and right arms. Afterward, remove the right arms from the roller tube as well. 

After removal of both the bolt and arm, put some bolts into the brackets. Wrap the bracket with masking tape to protect your ruler tube from damage. 

Step 12: Remove the pressure from the awning leg 

Now, hold and slightly lift the right bracket of the awning leg with a vice grip wrench. This step will release the pressure from the awning leg. 

Afterward, carefully unroll the awning leg from its position. But make sure you count the rotation required to unroll the awning. After completing the process, eradicate the vice grip wrench from its position. 

Step 13: Mark the exact location with a felt marker

It is the right time to remove the rest springs of the rollers tube. Before removing the spring, mark where the awning control lever is located right now. Make sure you don’t bring a permanent marker. 

However, this step is essential to reconstruct the awning at the same place as the RV roller tube. 

Step 14: Confiscate the rivet from the roller’s end cap 

Move one side of the roller tube where there are pop rivets. With a cordless drill, confiscate the rivet from the roller’s end cap. 

When one side is done, shift to another side of the roller tube. Do the same for the other side’s pop rivets of the tube. Now, remove the spring assembly from the rollers tube. 

Step 17: Lift the old fabric. 

Now, lift the old fabric slowly from its position. If the fabric is still sticking with the tube, use a razor-sharp knife to cut it. Thus, you can slide out the awning fabric from the RV very easily. 

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Step 18: Apply lubricant spray on the rolling tube’s channels. 

Before putting the new awning fabric over the rolling tube, apply lubricant spray across its channels. Sliding the new awning fabric will be easier if you apply this step before putting in the new fabric.  

Step 19: Slide the new awning fabric onto the rolling tube  

Notice the mark you have made earlier into the roller tube. Without covering the mark, place new awning fabric onto both channels of the roller tubes. 

Now, with a measurement tape, measure the gap between the end of the fabric. This step will make sure that the fabric is placed perfectly in the middle of each cap. 

Now, roll the fabric at the end of the roller’s channels. You can take the help of 2 people to accomplish the procedures as individually handling it is a bit complicated. 

Step 20: Re-enter the springs of the rollers tube.

Now, re-enter the opened springs into the rollers tube, maintaining the mark you have made. Attach the vice grips on the rollers tube’s brackets and eradicate the tape you’ve applied on it. 

Take out the screwdriver and change the plastic track from the roller tube. 

Step 21: Re-attach the rollers tube with the RV

Now, it is time to re-attach the new awning to the exact place. Install the bolts and springs in the right place of the RV awning. Use the cordless drill for that when needed. 

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Frequently Asked Question:

How do you fix a pinhole in an RV awning?

Fixing the pinhole in an RV awning is easier than replacing the RV awning. Let’s see how you fix a pinhole in an RV awning. 

1.Extend the RV awning fully and make sure it is dry. 
2.Now, check all types of holes into the RV awning, whether it is a major or minor hole. 
3.Apply silicone caulk to cover the hole if it is dark. Conversely, you can use the awning repair tape for holes regardless of the RV awning’s color. 

How many turns on an RV awning?

If the length of your RV awning ranges between 8-12 feet, the RV awning will take 6 turns to wind up. Conversely, with the 7 turns, you can easily wind up and extend the RV awning. Wherein, for the 17 to 18 feet, it will need only 10 turns. 
However, this is the basic measurement needed for winding up the RV awning. But it depends on what model of RV awning you have? 

How to fix a bent RV awning roller tube?

If you want to fix your damaged bent RV awning roller tube, you have to fill it. Use the fine sand to fill the bend pack and hold the tube at its right position. 
Afterward, put the tube under a sturdy material and put some pressure on it horizontally. It should straighten out; contrarily, you must’ve to go through the replacement process.  


If you want to replace the awning roller tube, you have to determine your mind first. When you begin the process of changing the roller tube, you might find it a bit difficult.
Still, you cannot leave the replacing process at the mid-way. Follow our awning roller tube replacing guidelines consecutively.
Hopefully, replacing the RV awning rollers tube won’t be a problem for you when you follow them. But, you have to make sure to follow the guidelines without skipping any steps. Only then, you’ll get the right result.

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