Laptop hinge repair cost | Why is it important the cost?

Are you worried about your damaged laptop hinge? Don’t worry about that; it’s easily repairable. It is the most common problem in laptops of every company.

We know that you can not live in the condition to use your laptop because the hinge is the fundamental part that connects the screen holder and the keyboard system.

So we are here to help you with this problem of yours with the laptop hinge. In this article, we will discuss the cost of repair and what are the signs and methods to repair.

Stay with us so that you can get answers to all your queries regarding laptop hinge problems.

Why do Laptop hinge break?

A laptop screen requires a physical component for their support, and that is the laptop hinge.

It helps in the smooth opening and closing of the screen. It provides support to the LCD to remains open and be at a fixed place where the user is comfortable to watch. 

It also helps in closing and protects the cable wire that connects the motherboard and the LCD. So laptop hinge has a significant role on its own, and if it is damaged, you cannot use your laptop.

There are many causes for damaging the laptop hinge. One of the most common reasons is your practice to close the LCD. Most users use only one side of the lid while closing the LCD, which builds pressure on the hinge. It leads to the breakdown of the hinge or cracks the hinge.old broken dirty computer - broken laptop stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Some users lift the laptop by holding the screen that causes pressure on the hinge, resulting in a hinge breakdown.

Another main and principal reason for damaging the hinge is the laptop’s accidental drop, resulting in the laptop hinge breakdown.

These practices directly crack the hinge or break the screen, so it’s better to be careful while using your laptop.

Cost to repair laptop hinge

Every model has different types of hinges that cause a variation in repair prices. Laptops are expensive machinery, so don’t waste them by fixing a low-quality hinge. It may convert your laptop into a desktop.

The repair cost depends on the type of damage. Many laptop hinges are damaged from the back of the LCD cover, near the bottom of the case. It is the most common problem which occurs in any model of laptop.

If you didn’t immediately repair the broken hinge, it might cause the LCD screen problem or other components like the wires that connect the LCD to the motherboard.

There are many ways to repair the laptop hinge, but it depends on the type of damage. Some damages are severe enough that I need to replace the hinge instead of repairing them.

As I have already told you, the repairing costs vary from model to model and also from company to company of a laptop. Here I will mention the average cost of repairing according to different laptops that are commonly used nowadays.

You need to hire professionals for fixing, and they cost $50 to $200. Professionals are the expert in repairing, and they charge different prices according to their experience.

As the prices depend on the laptop model, the average cost of repairing various laptop model hinges is in the table below.

BrandThe average cost of Laptop hinge repair

Many companies fix the price of the repair of every model and charge based on damage. They set the average cost of repair the laptop hinge is $90 to $150. And this cost varies according to the severity of the damage.

Factors that affect the cost of laptop hinge repair

Many factors affect the cost of repair. So here are these factors mentioned below.

  • Laptop model
  • Hinges
  • Labor cost

Laptop model

Every laptop model has a different type of hinge, and it also has different attachment levels. Many new models have a separate hinge that helps us at the time of repair. But they need to be ordered before a day or two. Then it can be repaired or completely replaced depends on the condition of damage.

Some laptops have a less expensive hinge, but they are challenging to find, and also it’s challenging to repair them. So the cost depends on the price of the part as the old laptops hinge is challenging to find and costs higher than the new ones. It also includes the fee of work they need to do.girl with broken laptop - broken laptop stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


Hinges consist of two parts that are used to attach at the left and right side. Both sides of the hinge are connected through the rail between them. So if one side is damaged, then you also need to replace the other side.

Instead of the hinge, there is an actual hinge that attached the motherboard with the LCD, and the other part consists of a rail and helped to support the LCD screen to remain at a fixed place. Every set cost for different rates and the standard set ranges between $7 to $50, and it only includes the spare parts. 


Labor cost depends on the effort they made to repair the hinge. It varies from center to center. Repair centers hire technicians who have experience in fixing the hinges, and they cost based on their expertise, so on that basis, their charges are different. For the simple repair, they charge around $40 to $50. It is not the fixed price, but it significantly increases to $150.

The main reason for the increase in labor cost severe damage, like if the screen is cracked due to the hinge damage. Then it needs to replace and also repair the screen.

Some technicians also demand their rates on their per hour effort, and in that way, they charge more than average, but at the same time, many of them fix the flat rates.

You see how much it cost to repair the laptop hinge with the technician’s help. Then it’s better to protect your laptops from damage. But I understand that accidents are part of life.

If you need to repair the laptop hinge, buy yourself in some cases, it saves your cost of repair. You only need to, but the part that costs around $10 to $15 on average will keep the remaining repair cost.

Laptop Hinge Problems

Many users face the problem of laptop hinge, and everyone has a different type of damage issues. If your laptop passes the warranty years, you need to pay for every situation you face, but you will not need to pay a single penny if there is some warranty left. A warranty covers all the problems except the hardware and motherboard issue.

Hinges are the only part that bears more pressure than any other spare part and starts causing the problem. Here is the list of some common issues and their reason that we mostly face in the laptop hinges.


Many fancy laptops use low-quality construction material for the hinges, mostly alloys and poy metals. These have not specific durability that helps laptop users through the cycle of laptop use.

Laptops are repeatedly used in a day by continuous opening and closing. It causes pressure on the hinges, and these construction materials did not stand that pressure and cause the problems. Most commonly, they are losing and didn’t hold the LCD at one open position.

Sometimes it tears to a level where they crack at the point where they attach or from the back of an LCD screen.


The use of machine screws attaches laptop hinges, and it has a limited life span. So you never know when they break and cause damage. So it’s better to conduct the frequent inspection like after a year or half-year.

It’s easy to check the status of the laptop hinges screw. Remove the back cover of the hinges and check the screws. If they are losing, you can fix them with a simple screwdriver. And if screws are missing, then you need to contact the computer operators to get new and fix them permanently by replacing the screw.

If you didn’t replace the screws urgently, then it leads to the additional stress of significant damage.

Some users use lubrication material to lubricate the screws, but it’s not recommended as you are not an expert and didn’t know about the suitable lubricant.

If you use the wrong component or seeps toward the other parts, it damages different segments or may break the laptop’s electrical circuit. So if you want to lubricate the hinge screw, contact the professional and ask them for a suitable lubrication material.

User problems

Many users roughly use the laptop and cause a severe problem, and the first, they damage their laptop hinges. Here is the list of their misbehaviors with the laptop computer that leads to damages.

  • They pick up the laptop in opening mode through the lid. It causes the pressure on laptop hinges and they become weak day by day. 
  • Dropping the laptop from a certain height causes immediate damage and may break the hinge instantly. So it needs to be replaced as it is broken into pieces.burglary - broken laptop stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
  • Some users open to such an even impossible angle, which stops at a certain level or may damage. So, in this case, hinges fail to support the LCD, and it moves in free when you open.

These are the demanding situations where sometimes the users lose their data, and hinges are then on the secondary concern. Sometimes the laptop requires complete replacement, but it depends on the warranty and situation of damage.

Covering problem

Laptop hinge materials do not require any covering as they are indestructible. Many users use the plastic covers to cover the full-back of laptops, including the hinge.

It creates tears and pressure on hinges when it opens the laptop computer. Hinge covers are only available in plastic in the market, causing the hinges’ fracture due to repeated wearing and removing.

It is not a common problem, but it’s cases are also reported to the professionals for repair. Some users also use the covers made of bezels, and they think it doesn’t cause any issue, but it does the same as others. Bezels and hinge covers are just the modular that is easy to replace and find a new one as it is low in cost.

Hinge bezels and covers are usually modular, and it’s generally easy to find the replacements at low to moderate costs.

Laptop hinge replacement cost

The laptop hinge cost is more than the cost of repair as it includes the price of the part. Every model has a different type of hinge, so it differs in the price of the piece.

There are many other ways that you can use in the replacement of hinge as you can mitigate with the additional hardware. There is another way that you can use.

Brackets that are readily available in the market and work as the external hinge. It is easy to install by attaching it to the outer cover and fixing the laptop screen’s position. But it also has a drawback that you need to take extra care for keyboards and protect the screen from damage.

There is another way of replacing the lid and screen assembly, but it is cost-effective. So if someone gives you the advice to replace the whole body, you must take the professional guidance and do what they told you to do.

Some severe damages can also be easily repaired by the professional as they are experts, and they didn’t replace the original laptop body parts immediately until they are severely damaged.

The laptop hinge part’s cost is not high as it just ranges between $10 to $50, but it reaches more than $200 after including the price of labor and many more.

How can I reduce repair costs?

Many ways help you to reduce the cost of repair. Here I will discuss one or two most common ways. First of all, visit the market and get the estimated fee that many repair centers want you to pay for laptop hinge repair.

Many technicians offer you to repair the estimated rates for repairs, but some want to know your laptop’s exact model and company. Then you will be able to visit the best suitable technicians according to your budget and repair your laptop computer.

Check the warranty card of your laptop, and if it is still under warranty, then you will be able to replace and repair it without any cost.

You can also learn the process of repair and replacement on your own. It is not hard to repair if there is minor damage. It helps you save your money as the hinge is only around $40 in many online markets.

If the technician wants $200, you must consider repairing yourself as nowadays a great laptop comes in the range of $400 to $500. So it is worthwhile to replace by yourself.

Many users convert the laptop parts into scrap and sell them individually. It helps them buy a new laptop of the range at $400, and I think it will be worth then repairing at such a high cost.

Laptop hinge repair method

If the damage is severe, then it’s better to contact professional technicians. It is necessary to reopen the parts of the laptop to repair the hinge.

So if the damage is minor and you think you can repair it yourself, you must have all the necessary apparatus like screwdrivers, cleaners, and all you want to open the laptop’s back. Get the hinge that you replace. young man repairing laptop - broken laptop stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Carefully open the back of the laptop and the LCD back. Make sure you didn’t touch the LCD screen back as it is sensitive and dot damaged with minor cracks.

Then loosen the screws of the hinge and if it’s broken and screws are tightly close, then apply the suitable lubricant. Lubricant helps you to open the screws.

After removing the hinge, replace it with a new one and carefully close its screws. Don’t tighten them immediately. First, attach both sides and check. Then close the screw properly, but it remains to lose a little bit.

Now, if it works, then place back all the parts and close the back of the LCD and motherboard back.If there is any broken worst, then you can’t do it without professional help. So be careful while performing this process.

Use of laptop with a broken hinge

It is difficult to use a laptop with a broken hinge. When the hinge didn’t work correctly, you cannot open the screen at a place. Hinges provide support to the LCD screen, so when there is no support, you will not work on the LCD.

A broken hinge tries to open as much as it can or may close immediately. LCD and motherboard are connected with the wires, so you may not turn on the laptop in case of severe damage.

Because in extreme cases, the railing is also damaged so that it may break the connection wires. So it would be best if you got it to repair or replace as soon as possible.

If you manage some hack to use the laptop with a broken hinge, then there is also the fear of damaging the screen, so prevention is better than repairing or replacing the screen.

How much does a laptop hinge repair cost?

Laptop hinge repair cost depends on primary factors like the condition of damage, model, and hinge type. Every model has a different kind of hinge, so it costs different prices of repair. The average cost to repair the laptop hinge is ranging between $25 to $130. But it varies according to the model of the laptop.
Replacement cost depends on replacing parts like many prefer using the secondhand feature as it costs less than the new one.

How long does the laptop hinge last?

The life of a laptop hinge depends on maintenance, hinge material, and many more. Some hinges last long with the experience of the laptop.  Some hinges are specifically designed for specific lifts, open and closure, so they are mostly 30,000 foldings with 15 lifts per day. It is better to take care of the laptop as it is the only solution to maintain laptop hinge quality.

How do I stop my laptop hinge from breaking?

Protection is one of the best ways to stop a laptop hinge breakdown. To protect the laptop hinge, close the lid properly by holding it from the model with care. When you lift the laptop, try to keep the laptop computer from the base. Never lift the laptop LCD by picking up from the open screen. Many users place heavy things on laptops, which increases the pressure and causes damages. So take proper care while using and positioning the computer. As the hinge repair is costly, so take extra care while opening and closing the lid.

Final tips

The laptop needs your extra care and protection, especially the hinge. It is the part that gives the shape to the computer and connects the LCD with the motherboard. So try to repair it immediately after any damage. It is always better to contact the professional and with the person who has some knowledge. Because many people around you are ready to share their experiences and are willing to provide their services free of cost, it is better to say no to them and ask the professional help.

If you hire a professional, then make sure they are using the original hinge part. Ask for the warranty on services and what aspects their warranty covers. Many professionals offer a 90 days warranty, but some also provide you with a guarantee for a year.

I hope this article helps you better and you will get all you want to learn regarding your damaged laptop hinge. Take better care of your laptop, as mentioned above, so your laptop hinge remains safe later on.

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