How to repair a pool in Keller, Texas(With 5 best Services)

If you own a pool in Keller, it must be hard for you to maintain it as there’s always a rush in pools in this city. Though good pools and spas are built to last longer some occasional casualty or misadventure can cause damage to the inner shell that requires patching and repairing.

Most of the time you can’t repair it by yourself, so it will be best to seek the assistance of a pool professional so that no further damage is caused to your beloved pool. But before going to a professional you must understand whether you need assistance or not. You need to find if there’s a leak, a crack, or need replastering, etc.

For that, you must know about what kinda problems you might face when you own a pool. If you don’t know anything about it, it’s okay!  

You don’t need to worry! 

I’m here to tell you about it. Well, there are so many types of problems that you might face as a pool owner. Today I’ll let you know about the most common issues. Let us start! 

Leakage Problem:

This is the most common problem you gonna surely face with your pool. Your pool might get a leakage through any random casualty, you never know! So if you ever think your pool has a leakage, you can do a “bucket test” to confirm it. This is a super easy process. Just do as I say. 

First, take an empty bucket and pour three-quarter water into it. Mark the water line inside the bucket and the pool wall too. Remove the handle of the bucket and let it float in the pool for two to four days. Most importantly keep swimmers away for those two to four days. 

As you know the water level is going to drop because of evaporation but remember one thing it’s gonna be down by the same amount or same level. If it’s because of any leakage, the water level of the pool will be lower than the water level of the bucket. See, so easy to detect. Then you can easily decide if you need professionals to help or not. 

Cleft Problem:

Cracks are another common issue of a pool. It can be foundational or from any mishaps. Small cracks like half-inch wide and longer not more than 2feet, can be repaired easily. But if it’s bigger than 

that you should immediately seek help from a professional. Because it means your pool is in high danger. 


Every pool requires replastering after 6 to 10 years of its construction. Regular use can easily dissolve the plaster also its decadence with time. So it’s nothing unusual to get worried about. 

Algae or Moss Problem:

Where there is water there will be moss too! So it is nothing surprising. If you don’t clean your pool properly and regularly then you gonna face this algae problem. If you see the water of your pool is going green that means algae have built-up. It is nothing serious to require repair. You can solve it easily by using chemicals like chlorine. Regular cleaning can prevent it too. 

Filter Problem:

This problem shows-up usually because of overuse and not cleaning properly. It can also happen from the wrong choice of filter, low chlorine level that permits moss growth, system pressure, etc. That’s a  common problem too. Regular cleaning can help but if there’s some other issue then it’s better to go to a professional. 

Pump Problem:

That’s the most important part of a pool system as it boosts all the moving parts of the system. So if it’s not working properly or if it has problems that mean your pool gonna need a lot of repairs. like as it affects other parts of your pool, you might gonna need to repair your heater, filter, motor, system, etc. An extremely loud motor, a pump not pooling water, leaking water, difficulties while turning on/off, etc indicates a pump problem. If you notice something like that, do hurry and call a  professional. 

Heater Problem:

If you are having difficulties while turning on/off your heater, it’s not staying turned on/off or the water isn’t heating properly,  that means your heater got some issues. It can be happened because of a dirty filter, the wrong setting of a timer, relics in the heater, clogged impeller or filter, etc. Heater problems can be so dangerous. So you must call a pool professional servicer for this one. 

Cloudy Water:

A pool owner needs to keep the water clean. If the water in your pool seems cloudy, that’s a problem. It’s nothing serious, don’t worry. It might happen if your pool is too open to nature or you have added a big amount of chemicals at once. You can do a PH test to 

find out if you put in a lot of chemicals or not. A clogged filter can be a  reason for this too. So check your filter out if you see cloudy water. 

Well if I keep writing about pool problems, it will never end. But these problems I mentioned above basically are the most common ones.  

Okay, now let’s go back to the Main Point:

How to repair a pool in Keller TX

If you live in Keller and own a pool, it must be hard for you to find a good servicing company with great pool professionals as Keller is a big city. So here I’m gonna help you with the info on ( 5 great ) Pool Servicing companies in Keller TX. 

1. Poolwerx: They have Certified Pool Technicians. They can help you out with any kind of pool problems. 


Contact: +1 817-754-8157 

2. Pure Blue Pools: They have some great Experienced Professionals. So they can be your solution easily. 


Contact: +1 469-322-4361 

3. Texas Leisure: this is one of the Biggest pool servicing company in Texas.  You’ll surely get premium services from them. 


Contact: +1 817-349-6393 

4. Legacy Pool Service: This is one of the Top Rated servicing company in  Texas. 


Contact: +1 469-444-8886 

5. Select Keller Pool Service: It’s one of the Best servicing company in  Keller, TX. 


Contact: +1 817-380-4585

So guys, stop thinking about your pool problems. And have fun with a clean and healthy pool!

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