Coolant Leak Repair Cost (Explained For Beginners)

If you are a car owner, then you might have faced the difficulty of coolant leakage. The coolant is the main thermo-regulator of the engine that prevents the car from overheating and freezing.

The coolant is kept in a plastic container inside the bonnet of the vehicle.

The liquid container or the hose that spread the coolant in the engine may break due to low winter temperatures. It can be detected by yourself.

A specific aroma that you can smell while driving the car may be forming a puddle under the vehicle due to coolant rinsing.

If you are facing this trouble, then you are looking for the coolant leak repair cost! We know it is hard for you to find the nearest estimation of the coolant repair cost.

But you don’t have to worry because we have completed the homework just for you. 

In this article, we are going to provide you with information about the range of the coolant repair cost, and we will guide you about all the necessary information that you must know.

The only thing that you have to do is to read the article carefully till the end.


First, you must have to acknowledge the factors involved in determining the cost of coolant leak repair. So, the following are the factors that are involved in the estimation of the cost:


The first thing is the detection of the damage. The central part is the marking of the damaged point and the extent to which it is damaged.

If you want to treat the disease, then you have to diagnose the problem first. The exact and accurate diagnosis of the damage will let you help in the quick repair of your car without causing damage to it.


The replacement of the parts is the second significant point while estimating the cost of repair. The price of the parts that we have to replace directly affects the cost of repair.

If the damaged part is expensive, then the cost of repair will be high.


The third determinant of the cost is labor—your mechanic matters in this factor. Either you would like to repair your coolant leakage from a garage with high rates or from a mechanic, which can do the same thing without creating a hole in your pocket. So, the choice is yours.

You can compare the rates of different mechanics in your area. The charges of the mechanic will be based on their skills and experience.

How to Detect the Leakage of Coolant?

As we have mentioned above, the first step that determines the cost is detecting the leakage from a particular point from the engine.

We will tell you a method that will help you find the leakage point by yourself. It is an easy way to identify the crack.

It will not only save time, but it will also help you in saving your earned money. The thing that you just have to do is to take your car to a place where the ground is dry and clean.

When you start your car, you will feel a particular smell in the air flowing from your car’s engine. When you park your vehicle, you have to wait for at least 15-20 minutes to let the engine cool down. Now you have to take a look under the engine to detect the gathering of liquid droplets.

There will be a puddle formation under the car. If you still don’t find any such symptom, you have to open the car’s bonnet and remove the radiator’s cap.

If there is any presence of moisture, then it is also a sign and symptom of coolant leakage. You must also check the hoses with any crack or hole with a torch or any moisture on them.

If you still don’t find anything by the above methods, you have to check your car’s coolant level. The level of the coolant must be between maximum and minimum.

If it is lower than the minimum level, it also indicates the anti-freezing agent’s unwanted discharge.

If you are still unable to find the leakage, then we are afraid that you might have to spend some money for the diagnosis. The mechanic can charge for this thing about 40-60$.

How much does it cost to fix a coolant?

As we have mentioned above, some factors determine the cost of coolant leakage repair, but another thing that matters is you must consider the detection of coolant leakage at the right time.

If you identify the problem at the right time before it gets too late to mend, then the expense could be very low, around 100$.

But in case of missing the train, you might have to pay a bill of more than 700$ that might create a hole in your pocket.

As, the late-stage diagnosis may lead to the problem of engine functionality, which may become an irreparable loss.

How much does a coolant leak cost to fix in the UK?

If you live in the United Kingdom, you may have faced this problem several times that your coolant leaked after a few days. It is because of the freezing temperature of that region.

Now the point is, how much does it cost to fix a coolant leak in the UK? 

For your easiness and comfort, we have searched the details and came up with an estimation that if you want to fix the damage on your own, then it will cost you around 50 pounds.

If you are looking for someone professional’s help and want to take your car to a garage, it will cost you about 100 pounds.

But if you want to replace the coolant, then it is an expensive plan, and you might have to pay a considerable amount for this.

The estimation of replacing the coolant to fix the problem may range between 300-800 pounds. The price of the coolant depends upon the model of your car.

Is leaking coolant an expensive fix?

It is hard to estimate the cost before diagnosing the extent of the damage. Sometimes, there is a pinhole that leads to the leakage of the coolant.

Sometimes, the leakage leads to the engine’s failure and forces you to replace the whole engine, which is a costly fixation of this trouble.

All that matters is the stage of diagnosis, the type of leakage, and the extent of the engine’s damage. 

If you detect the problem early, you only have to pay around 70$, and you can fix the damage by yourself. But if you diagnose it later, it may cost you more than 1000$ by replacing the engine or your car’s gasket.

Coolant Leak Repair Cost Audi:

Audi is a symbol of class and elegance. The company uses premium quality material to manufacture the car to provide maximum easiness to its customer.

But as we know, there is a life for every product. So, the coolant in this car may also leak due to several reasons. 

The price of coolant leak repair ranges from the low cost of about 65$ to the highest amount of around 160$. The average repair of the coolant lies between 97 and 99$.

Now the price varies from model to model and size to size of the coolant.

Coolant Leak Repair Cost BMW:

If you own a beast by German Company BMW, then this shows that you are a lucky man with an outstanding bank balance.

And it also indicates that a few hundred to thousand dollars do not matter for you if you want to spend.

If your BMW’s coolant is leaking, it will cost a bit higher to fix it because specifically trained mechanics can allocate the exact point of leakage in BMW. So, the price of BMW leakage repair ranges between 800-1100$.

There are several models and series available in the market of this brand. Each model has its unique engine design and parts.

The parts of this car are a bit expensive, and the labor also demands some extra money to treat the vehicle properly. So, these factors affect the cost of its repair. 

What are the reasons for coolant leakage?

Several factors and points can cause an anti-freezing agent’s spillage, which we will bring to your notice through this section.

The first thing could be the debris and micro particles in the radiator that can cause corrosion or create a hole in the hoses.

These tiny holes can become the coolant escape route not in the form of drops but maybe in the way of moisture.

The 2nd factor involved in the coolant leakage can be the essential component that serves as a bridge between the cylinder and the engine, which is your engine gasket.

If the head gasket is blown up, then it can cause the mixing of fuel and the coolant leading to significant damage to your car. It can lead to expensive repair and financial shock to your bank balance.

The 3rd important determinant of the coolant leakage in the car is the water pump’s failure, which is located just below the engine.

For your information, the role of the water pump is to run the coolant correctly. The damage to the water pump can cause the discharge of the coolant and can lead to the overheating of the engine.

Sometimes, the cap of the radiator also breaks due to the temperature change. In winters, the plastic might get cracked and may lead to an outflow of the anti-freezing agent through that point.

Moreover, like the cap of the radiator, the expansion tank is also made up of plastic, whose function is to bring and take away the radiator’s coolant.

Due to the temperature shift, it can even break. And it can also become a load to your packet as it can lead to change the whole radiator.


We have gathered all the information for you, so you may not have to struggle anymore. We have tried to make this article a complete package to prevent you from wandering to different websites and platforms only for the range and estimation of coolant leak repair costs.

But still, in case of any question or query, you can contact us without any hesitation or shyness. You can approach us by email, or you can leave your question in the comment section. We will try to answer your query as soon as possible. It will be an honor for us to help you!

We hope that this article has proven itself fruitful for you, and now you have an idea about the range of the coolant leak repair cost. Thank you for reading the article entirely and carefully.

Frequently Ask Question:

How long does it take to fix a coolant leak?

It is not a lengthy or time taking process. After diagnosing the point of leakage, it hardly takes 15-20 minutes to fix the leak. But if the engine is badly damaged or there is a need to replace any part of it, it might take 1-2 hours.

What happens when your coolant leaks?

As the role of the coolant is to maintain the temperature of the engine. So, when it leaks, then the engine’s temperature may cross the limit and get overheated. Or the engine may get damaged when the leaked coolant enters in it. It may lead to the dysfunctionality of the car.

Where can I get a coolant leak fixed?

You can find your coolant leak fixation products on the following points:

  • Amazon
  • Mr. Tire
  • Napa
  • Walmart
  • Your Mechanic
  • Midas
Mr. TireParts and Labour815-1035$
NapaParts and Labour804-1099$
Your MechanicParts and labor769-1010$
MidasParts and labor755-995$

These companies offer you different services. Some companies just provide you with parts for the leakage repair, and some offer you labor for the repair, as mentioned in the table above. Every company provides a 1-year warranty for its spare parts.

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