Cleanit! Car Scratch Repair Kit ( Honestly Reviewed)

No matter how careful you are, sometimes, preventing cars from getting scratches is inevitable. And that is an experience you will have as a car owner in one way or another.

Finding a scratch on your precious car can be heartbreaking. Besides, it ruins the appearance of the vehicle. But the good thing is there are kits available that allow you to remove or repair such scratches. 

These kits can remove mild to deep scratches and restore the old look of a car. But it is challenging to find the best car scratch repair kit out of many.

I have researched and found a few such kits, including the Cleanit Car Scratch Repair Kit. I will discuss these kits and other related information later in this article. So I urge you to read on to find out more.

The Winner: Who Won The Title?

Of all three car scratch repair kits I reviewed, my top pick is the Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover.

Why Is It Better?

  • Made in USA
  • It does not contain any extra scent
  • Made with professional-grade formula
  • The 250ml bottle covers a lot of scratched areas
  • The chemicals used in the remover are not harmful
  • Removes scratches very quickly without discoloration
  • Restores lost paint color and gloss

Choosing A Car Scratch Repair Kit: Features To Consider

How do you know if the car scratch remover kit you want to purchase is suitable for the scratch on your car? The key is to look into the feature, chemical ingredients and a few more things to ensure it is the right one. You can check out the following buying guide to find out about choosing a car scratch remover kit.

Remover Type

Consider the type of remover you want to use on your car. You will find three types of removers in the market.

  • Polish: These removers do not really remove scratches. You polish the remover over the flaws to cover them. 
  • Pen: Pen removers are pretty similar to polish removers. You need to apply it like a pen over the marks to conceal them.
  • Compound: This type of remover helps remove mild to deep scratches. But you need to make sure you follow the application process correctly.

Scratch Coverage 

Scratch removers do not usually mention how deep it will go to fix the scratches. But many of them will tell you the type of issues they fix. If your car has a paint or primer scratch, a remover made for clear-coat scratch will not fix it.


If you are fixing a small hairline scratch, you only need a small remover kit. But if there are several scratches, you will need a larger bottle. Be careful with the amount you are purchasing because the unused remover may dry before you can even use it again.


Will the remover make the scratch blend with your car colour, or will it look blemish or foggy? It is an important thing to consider and one of the crucial ones to figure out.

Read the product description to know what car colour it goes with. Otherwise, it will make the exterior even worse than it was before applying the remover.

Application Process

The application process matters because whether the remover gets applied evenly depends on that process. There are machine application removers that ensure even remover distribution. But if you are using a high-quality remover with a sponge or buffer application, that can also work.


Along with the other factors, you need to consider the remover cost. If you purchase a professional-quality remover, it will cost slightly more. You also need to add the time, effort, and preparation work you will be doing with it.

Using removers on your own might save some money. But if you end up with the wrong one and fail to fix the scratch, you will have to be ready to get professional help, which means you need to spend a lot more.

Different Types Of Scratches On Cars And How To Fix Them

No matter how much you try, it is almost impossible to avoid car scratches forever. On top of that, there are several types of scratches, and each of them requires different fixing procedures.

So the best thing to do is know how to identify different types of car scratches and how to fix them. You can take a look at the information below, where I have divided the types into three categories and explained the fixing procedures easily.

Clear-Coat Scratch

The last stage of car paint is a thin and transparent protective layer that prevents dust, UV rays, and others from damaging the paint. You will likely find this coat on cars manufactured around 20-30 years ago. And sometimes, this layer gets scratched for various reasons, such as bumping against something, washing it with a harsh sponge, or rubbing against the car.

So how do you identify a clear-coat scratch? Well, it is pretty simple because these scratches look like hairlines. This type of scratches is very common in almost all cars, making it the easiest to fix.

How To Fix:

You can fix such scratches without repainting the car. Minor issues like this can be solved using polish or scratch removers. But you need to clean the area with soapy water first and make sure it dries completely before applying anything.

You can also try smoothening the area around the scratch to get a better result. And the best way to fix this issue is to apply more than one polish or remover coat.

Paint Scratch

Paint scratches are a little deeper than the clear-coat scratch. It means this scratch has damaged the clearcoat, the paint, and the primer layers. So such scratches require a little more work than the first type.

The way to recognize paint scratches is to do fingernail tests. Run your fingernails on the scratches and see how it feels. If you only feel the scratched but not the metals, it means it is a paint scratch. 

Dirt and debris tend to accumulate over time on such scratches. So if you do not want it to go through any further damage, it is best to get it fixed as soon as possible.

How To Fix:

Fixing a paint scratch requires a few more tools, and you must know how to use them. First, you need to make sure the area is completely clean. If not, you need to clean the area with soapy water and allow it to dry completely.

Sometimes, paint scratches need wet sanding before applying any solution to them. Then you can use a professional-grade paint scratch remover and spray paint over the damaged area.

Remember that this type of scratch is not a minor issue. So you need to do everything accordingly so that it does not worsen. And if you think you will not be able to handle this, it would be best if you took the car for professional help.

Deep Paint Scratch

Deep paint scratch or primer scratch is the last and worst of all. It is the stage where the primer got scratched, and the car metal is visible. You do not need any test to identify this one because you will see the damage.

Your car can get this type of scratch if it had an accident if something harsh or metal was scratched against it, or if the vehicle hit something tough, etc. if you leave this damage without fixing it for long, it can start to rust and cause even more damage over time. 

Deep paint scratch or primer scratches are costly to fix. So it is best not to wait and make it any worse and more expensive.

How To Fix:

It requires multiple fixing steps and more pro-level equipment to fix severe damage like this. You can only try fixing these damages at home if you think you can handle such a task and have prior experience. Otherwise, it is best to let a professional fix such scratches.

Pros and Cons of Car Scratch Repair Kits

I know you are a little surprised here. I mean, scratch remover kits are supposed to bring all about fixing benefits, right?

But you will be surprised to know that car scratch removers also come with both pros and cons. Here is what you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of car scratch removers.


Here are the pros of using car scratch remover kits.

Covers Car Scratches

One of the best things about these car scratch removers is that they are an easy and quick solution for minor to medium damages. It takes comparatively less time to fix scratches with removers than any other process. Besides, you do not need to be an expert to use these removers.

Improves Exterior Appearance 

Another perk of using scratch removers is that they usually bring back the lost paint and shine of the car. Even light scratches can be brutal sometimes. So when you use scratch removers to eliminate the imperfections, it increases the external elegance of your vehicle. Do this regularly as soon as you spot a scratch, and your car will always look new..

Reduces Repainting Cost

Some car scratch removers can bring back the old paint colour along with the lost shine. It saves you the cost of repainting the car, which is not very cheap. So it is pretty much like shooting two birds with one bullet.

Increases Car value

If you plan to get some profit from reselling your car, it is good to invest some at first. If you keep the vehicle scratch-free using scratch removers, it will benefit you when you resell it.


Here are the cons of using car scratch remover kits.

Limitation Of Success

When you use scratch removers on deep scratches, mainly paint scratches, it is best to keep your expectations low. Some of them are not durable, and the scratches show up after some time passes.

Even the ones made for clear-coat scratches fail sometimes. Those will need professional help to fix the damage.

Mismatch Paint

One of the challenging parts of using scratch removers is finding a remover that will go with your car paint colour. Finding matches for white, black, or grey can be pretty easy.

But the more colour difference your car has, the more difficult it will be to find the right solution. That’s why it is essential to read the product descriptions clearly before purchasing one.

Imperfect Finish

Using an expensive repair kit does not guarantee a flawless finish. They often leave a blemish look on the car paint that ruins the external look of the vehicle.

Moreover, they do not always leave a smooth, clear finish as they claim. So you need to make sure you are buying a scratch remover kit that will do what it offers.

Best Car Scratch Remover Kits Reviews

Here are the reviews of my top picks. All of them are exceptional in quality and easy to use. You can go through these reviews to find out which one fits to fix the scratches on your car.

Best Value: Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover

The Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover works like magic on cars to remove scratches. It is highly effective and can eliminate visible marks in a matter of time.

It happens to be one of the easy-to-apply car scratch removers. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or odours like other low-priced ones. And that is why I listed it as the best value car repair kit.

Features And Benefits

  • Dark Color Scratch Repair:
  • If your vehicle has dark paint, you can rely on this kit to ensure the scratches no longer stay visible. That’s because the Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover is made to work on black and other darker car paints. Whether it is single-color paint or multi-stage car paint, this remover will be able to do the job nicely.
  • Scratch And Swirl Remover Applicator:
  • It does not matter if the car suffered from a mild scratch or has swirl marks, you can easily apply the remover to remove those imperfections. There is a buffer pad applicator in the package to make the application easier. 

All you have to do is put some solution on the buffer pad and apply it to the scratches with it using your hand. However, you should note that if the scratch is very deep or you can feel it with your fingernails, the solution may not help a lot.

  • Paint Restoration: Is removing the scratch all this remover does? Of course not. It is made to do more than that.

Scratches and swirls tend to remove the painting’s gloss and shine. And the Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover restores all of them after you apply it. As you rub the buffer with the solution on the scratches, it creates a chemical reaction over the lost shine and brings it back to its original state.

  • Professional Grade Formula: Carfidant ensures all its products are made with professional-grade formula. It makes the product user-friendly and allows anyone to use it without much hassle.

Besides, the manufacturer made sure the remover stays free of harmful chemicals that are bad for the user. It does not contain any colour dye or scent and is pretty safe to use.

  • Refund Benefit: One more thing about this car scratch remover that makes it worth the value is the satisfaction guarantee it comes with. The manufacturer claims 100% satisfaction of the users. If not, they will prove the customer refund, which speaks a lot about the quality.


  • Affordable price
  • Ensure any visible paint scratches and swirls
  • Does not contain any toxic chemical or odor
  • Comes with a buffer pad for easy application
  • Suitable for black and dark color cars
  • Restores lost gloss and shine of the paint


  • Does not work on deeper scratches 
  • Might need more than one coat to make it last longer

Of all the paint removing kits available, the Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover is one of the few that does exactly what it offers. If you apply it correctly, it will last longer and help your car get back the old shine. And you get to solve the car scratch problem easily at an affordable price. So if you want a car scratch removing kit with the best value, you can purchase this one.

Best For Light Scratches: Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover

Do certain areas of your car look blemish? Does it have some light scratches and swirls that need proper removal? Then you can purchase this scratch and swirl remover kit from Caridant.

This brand is relatively popular among users because it works pretty fast and comes at an affordable price. It is just as good as the previous kit I have picked. However, it is suitable for comparatively lighter colours than dark ones.

Features And Benefits

  • Eliminates Light Scratches: The Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover that I had picked previously was for black and dark color painted cars. But if you own a lighter color vehicle, you can use this Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover without much worry. The remover blends with vehicle color very quickly and effectively and does not make the color look even afterward. 
  • Easy Scratch And Swirl Remover: Does it remove all sorts of scratches and swirls? It will be a lie if I say yes. This scratch remover kit works best only on light scratch marks, such as car key scratches, watermarks, minor door dings, garage door scratches, etc.

And you get around buffer for easy application. You hardly need anything else to apply the solution on the marks. Just get some solution on the pad and rub it on the scratched areas.

  • For All Paint Types: This car scratch remover solution is suitable for all types of paints. Though the product description claims that it works on all colors, I suggest you use it only on lighter colors.

Using this solution on a darker colour, especially black, can leave a foggy finish. Other than that, you can use it on different types of paints, such as clear-coat paints, single-stage, and even multiple-stage paints.

  • Paint And Gloss Restoration: This paint and swirl remover can restore the lost gloss and shine of your car paint. Whether it is a light scratch mark or something that took a portion of the paint, you can trust this solution to bring them back. Rubbing on the scratch with the pad helps remove any water spots, oxidation, and any remaining contaminants that the paint left.
  • Safe Formula: All the chemicals and formulas used in this remover are professional-grade. But that does not mean people with no experience cannot use it. The chemicals it contains do not have any toxic odor that can be harmful. So you can use it without worrying about suffering from any issue.


  • Suitable for all types of paints
  • Works on all colors but mostly on lighter colors
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Brings back original color and gloss
  • Does not contain any harmful chemical
  • Removes minor to light scratches
  • Easy to apply


  • Leaves foggy look on darker colors
  • Does not work on deep scratches

I know both of the scratch removing kits seem similar. In some cases, they are because they are, but you need to choose wisely which kit will work best for your colour paint colour and type. So if you think this scratch removing kit fits your car scratch type, you can purchase it at an affordable price.

Best Low-Price Kit: Cleanit Car Scratch Repair Kit

You do not need a large pack of scratch removing kits if your car has minor and light scratches, scuff marks, or swirls. That’s why you need a low-price kit option.

Luckily, I came across the Cleanit Car Scratch Repair Kit, which fits the criteria. On top of that, it comes with an application sponge, just like the high-price ones.

Features And Benefits

  • Professional Scratch Remover: Even minor scratches need a top-notch and professional-level remover to fix it correctly. This scratch remover is designed to restore the original state of the car paint. So the manufacturer made sure this solution comes with the exact professional formula you need to get the job done. 
  • Suitable Areas: You can use this scratch remover to fix scratches on any part of the car. Whether it is on the door or the door handle, and whether it is a clear-coat or paint scratch, this remover is meant to fix them all.

However, I suggest you keep your expectations a little low with this one. It is a low-price remover and not really meant for fixing more than clear-coat scratches. If you use it on deeper damage, the chances are that it will not change anything.

  • Ease Of Use: You can fix the scratches easily with this remover and the applicator it comes with. It has a rectangular sponge applicator that allows you to cover more areas easily as you apply the remover on the car. Squeeze out a small amount of solution on the sponge and rub it on the scratched areas until it changes. 
  • Quick Fix: A remover like this does not take long to cover minor scratches. It is supposed to fix them in a few seconds. But I suggest you take more time to apply it to get a satisfactory result. It can remove the blemishes without causing any damage to your car paint.
  • Overall Performance: Some car scratch removers affect the car paint. They turn the paint foggy and make the fix visible. This one, however, will keep the paint to its original state and help recover its lost shine.


  • Small tube for light fix
  • Low price remover
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with an application sponge


  • Not suitable for paint scratches
  • Takes longer to fix scratches

The Cleanit Car Scratch Repair Kit is a cheap solution to fix car paint scratches. It is not a bad solution at such a low price. However, it is not precisely the best one you will come across. But if you need to fix a light scratch and need something at a low cost, this is your best option.

Q. Is There A Car Scratch Remover That Works?

Almost all car scratch removers work on removing scratches, scruffs, swirls, watermarks, etc. However, whether it will work effectively depends on the brands, chemical ingredients it contains, and how it was applied.

That is why it is essential to pay attention when buying such kits. You need to ensure that you are getting the right one to ensure it works correctly.

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Fix Scratch Marks On A Car?

Now, the answer to this question depends on a few factors. First, it will depend on whether you are fixing the scratch or purchasing service for the job. If you are fixing it, you need to purchase scratch remover kits that cost between $7 to $36 or more.

Second, the cost depends on the type of scratches. It will not cost much if it is a light scratch or stuff. But a deep or primer scratch will cost more to fix, and you may need professional help for that. Nevertheless, fixing whole car scratches by professionals can be as expensive as $2,000 to $3,500 or more.

Q. Can Deep Car Scratches Be Repaired?

Yes, deep car scratches can be repaired, but you need to be careful if you do it yourself. Deep car scratches need more attention than regular light ones. So it is best to get such issues fixed by someone professional.

Q. What Do You Do If Someone Scratches Your Car While Parked?

When someone scratches your parked car, the first thing to do is document the incident. You need to call a police officer and create an official report. The officer will document the incident, and you need to keep a copy of it for your insurance claim.

Conclusion – What Is The Best Car Scratch Repair Kit?

Everyone loves their cars, regardless of their brand and price. And when it suffers scratches, the sooner you fix them, the better. Besides, leaving such damages open will only make things worse with time. 

So the best thing to do is purchase a repair kit to fix it properly. And as shown in the reviews, the Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover is the best kit for value as it does the job perfectly without costing a lot.

The Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover is suitable for light colour vehicles and does the job almost perfectly. And the Cleanit Car Scratch Repair Kit is the cheapest option for only light scratches. Now, it is up to you to decide which one you need for your car.

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