Can I Make My Garage Door Taller?

If you are an owner of a car or any vehicle, then a garage is an essential part of your home. Moreover, the door of a garage is the must gateway to your home.

There are various doors available in size for the garage. First, you have to understand your requirements. Ask yourself that you need two single doors or one double door? Then analyze your vehicle height. After that, decide on your garage door size.

Now, What do you think about: Can I Make My Garage Door Taller? The content is all about answering your questions regarding the garage door height.

How to Make Taller the Garage Door

You can make your garage door taller whatever you want. Before doing this, try to trace the requirements of your current vehicle. However, here find some points for making a garage door taller:

Remove Door Spring

The torsional spring of the garage door is very hard. It is difficult to remove too. So, try some winding bars to unwind the torsion spring. A couple of bars are convenient to remove the springs as they are made of steel. If you can remove the spring from the door, the work will be easier for the next steps.

Remove Tracks and Keep Away

You have to remove the tracks from the door frame and keep them away from the place. Then you need to enhance the header of the garage door and make the height larger. After completing the work, you need to replace the larger frame and place the tracks again.

Remove the Door Header

Take a large size of a hammer or a saw to break the header of the garage door. It is a formidable job, and you need to provide a significant amount of effort to do this.

Add the Header Upward

After removing the header of the garage door, get some more height to add the title again. The size depends on the vehicle’s height too. You may increase the height 2 or 3 inches more for flexibility.

Add the Spring

Now, the time to relocate the torsion door spring to the appropriate place. Be careful before winding the spring that the lifting cable should not enter into it. Then, tight the wide dimension of the spring above the garage door.

Trim and Door Opener

After completing the work, relocate the door spring and give the power connection to it. Then relocate the new Trim to activate the garage door. You may try a lightweight Trim to move the door comfortably.

Choosing an Ideal Garage Door

Before choosing an ideal door height for your garage, you should know about a few things. Owning an old home, it is a better choice to customize the garage entry. On the other hand, if you are going to build a new home, the architecture can provide you with the perfect guideline. 

However, there are various types of garage doors you will find to install. Some of them have been constructed with steel or aluminum material. Besides, you can make a good quality garage door with some traditional wood. 

Many of the garage doors are constructed with automatic and electronic machines. On the other hand, you will find some other manual features. The water-resistant garage doors are also durable and provide you with high-quality security at your home. To select an ideal garage door, have a glance at the below elements:

Double or Single door

The door of your garage depends on the garage structure. If you have a pillar in the middle of your garage, the double-entry will be a better choice. If your garage has no columns in the middle, the single will be ok for you.

However, the double door is always a better selection for your garage. It is capable of giving you comfortable access. The double door will reduce the cold air entry to the garage too. Moreover, a double door can bring a decorative look to your gateway.

Height and Width

The height and the weight of a garage door are significant to select. Generally, for a single door, the width is from 7 feet to 9 feet. For a double door, 16 feet in height will be perfect and comfortable. 

Generally, the height of a garage door has been taken around 7 to 8 feet tall. However, you can enhance the size according to your vehicle height. However, choosing the right height and width is essential as the vehicle entry increases the home’s beautification.

Materials and Construction

The materials of the garage doors are various. Stainless steel, aluminum, wood are the core material to construct a garage door. There are multiple companies available to supply the perfect garage door and build a customization door too.

A garage door is a security provider for a home. On the other hand, it is one of the crucial elements to represent your home decoration. So, it would help if you chose a durable garage door with an attractive look and feature. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Anybody ever put in a taller garage door?

You are trying to find the solution to develop the height of your home garage door. Then, remove the header and replace a taller one with it. Otherwise, you have to bring a contractor to enhance the height of the garage door.

How much to make a garage taller?

Making a garage taller is much more expensive in the town. You need 6 or 7 crews and around 8 hours to do the job. Includes, you have to purchase a taller door for the new-sized garage too.


Many people do not know the surprising affordability and quality of the garage doors. If they consider a good quality garage door, they should choose a perfect one for their home. Emergency servicing support and warranty are also essential issues to be the right garage door.

You have just gone through the article: Can I Make My Garage Door Taller? Moreover, that is all about a garage door. The task is effortless and easy to do. Hopefully, you have got the perfect information. Moreover, it can remove the confusion of making the garage door taller. 

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