Spark Plug Thread Repair Cost: (Explained For Beginners)

We have often faced the issue of spark plug thread in different bikes and ATVs. However, such repair will cost you around $30. In comparison, there is always a labor charge behind it which might cost you around $100 per hour.

Therefore, if you are trying to get your spark plug thread issue solved, you should have about 150 dollars in your pocket.

Although, the complete repair or replacement charge depends on the model and of your vehicle.

How much does it cost to replace?

Most of the time, there is an issue regarding the cylindrical part of the spark plug thread. Although many of the people have been seen trying to repair spark plug threads on their own by inserting different tools to resolve their issue with spark plug thread further, many times, the situation completely bounces backs and completely vanishes the possibilities of getting it repaired at low cost. It is also evident that after having a long-distance covered through the spark plug with its forceful alignment with a cylindrical head, it gets ejected out with a plug. In such cases, it is advised to completely replace the spark plug thread from your vehicle, where the spark plug thread repair cost is around $8-$20. However, if you’re having enough experience dealing with such issues frequently, you shall always keep a repair kit by your side that could cost you around $40-80$ if you intend to buy a Helicoil as well with the repair kit. However, to avoid such plug thread issues, you should use the perfect fitting components and keep its temperature in an ideal condition, by handling your vehicle well while driving; also, somewhere helps you to keep yourself away from the issues like spark plug thread repair.

One should check for the issues in their spark plug threads when they start feeling that their vehicle has begun having a decrease in acceleration, misfiring by the engine, frequently getting points while starting their car, and when they find that the economy of their vehicle is started getting decreased.

Now, since you’re aware of all the different aspects of spark plug thread repair cost, you should keep yourself ready to bear the cost of spark plug thread repair cost at any instance, as it’s the most common technical issue that occurs in bikes and ATV’s. Owning a repair kit is the most reliable option to deal with spark plug thread-related issues. To avoid such problems from happening frequently, one should always ride responsibly and in a manner that gives the most negligible load to your vehicle. Otherwise, you have to keep yourself ready with some extra bucks to spend on your vehicle’s spark plug thread repair cost.

The below-given table will help you out to understand the general charges of spark plug thread repair cost.

Spark Plug ThreadRepair$20 to $80 (depends on the issue and labour cost)
Spark Plug ThreadReplacementCould cost your around $40 to $100 (depends on the vehicle and suitable components
Spark Plug Repair KitRepair and Replace$40-$70

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