Solar pool heater repair tips (With 5 common issues)

It’s exciting to have a solar pool heater in winters. Don’t worry if your solar pool heater is not working well. We are here to help you with solar pool heater repair.

The solar pool heater is a great system that reduces electricity bills and provides hot water. The solar system helps to the extent of swimming seasons, even in winters. Swimming in hot water in winters helps to relax and feels excellent. 

Pool heaters are of many types like electric heaters, gas heaters, and solar heaters. All of them have similar advantages, but gas and electric heaters increase the bills, whereas solar heaters use sun rays to work and don’t affect the monthly bills. So solar heaters are preferable to any other water heaters. 

Solar heaters require maintenance services at the start of winters to work effectively. If your heater is not working, then here is a useful guide for you. 

What is a solar pool heater?

In the solar system, the heat from the sun’s rays will warm the water in your pool. Heaters convert the sun rays into electric energy and start heating the water. It lowers the energy cost and increases the value of your property. 

Solar pool heater also shrinks your carbon footprint. So it is a form of significant investment and enhances the efficiency of the pump as well. 

Working of solar pool heater

Solar pool heaters are working similar to other typical heaters in the pool and move solar heater water towards the solar collector’s valve series. The solar heater has bottom valves, so water enters from the bottom and exits from the upper side through tabs or tubes. 

As the water rises from the top natural sun, radiant energy starts heating the water. Now heated water returns to the pool, and this process is continued until the water in the pool reaches your desired temperature. Jump in and enjoy swimming in warm relaxing water. 

Solar pool heater repair or replacement

The cost of repair depends on the issue you are facing with the solar pool heater. There are many professional services available that are willing to guide you regarding your solar pool heater. They better access the problem and resolve it with their technical experiences. 

Solar systems require professionals to install and also for the repair of any damage. Any issue in the swimming pool solar heater can increase the time, efforts, and repair costs. 

According to the damage and their experience level, every solar repair company offers different repairing solar pool heaters rates. Here is the average and typical range of cost for repair to it. 

National Average$445
Typical Range$161 – $728
Low End – High End$85 – $2,500

Before selecting the services, try to conduct proper research and choose the best one in the market. The solar pool heater is an expensive part that only requires professional attention. It is a complicated system to install and repair. It has several moveable parts available in electric and gas heaters, but it is challenging to fix it in solar heaters.  To maintain the quality and efficiency of solar heaters, you need to maintain regular checkups and maintenance services. 

Factors affecting the repair cost 

  • Proper maintenance is crucial for a solar pool heater. If you neglect it, then your cost of repair reaches to skyrocket. Low maintenance reduces its functioning ability and affects many parts inside it.
  • Suppose you have a warranty left by the company, you will pay nothing for the repair. But if the guarantee expires, then you have to pay the repair cost according to the damage. However, the warranty lasts for 1-5 years for solar pool heaters. 
  • Your pool’s overall size also determines your solar heater repair cost. 
  • Solar heaters are also available in different forms that also determine the cost of repair.

Common pool heater problems

Every swimming pool owner faces a different type of damages in their solar pool heater. So here are some most common problems that many of us face and their solution.

1.Unusual noise

Sometimes solar pool heaters make noise that refers to the faulty heater. It is due to the increased pressure, any loose parts, or blockage. In many cases, you can find the source of the noise. 

To find the source of noise, you need to check any loose parts first, according to the heater’s manual. Suppose you are unable to find the noise direction, then call the professional and let hind search. However, if you find any loose part, then try to fix it by tightening it or applying the glue according to your heater demand. 

2.Not heating the water. 

There are many cases in which pool heaters fail to warm the water. It has many reasons like size, inadequate water, or heat supply. Temperature sensors require a proper setting to heat the water according to your pool size. Maintain the water level, power delivery, and water temperature level to make the solar heater work properly. 

Make sure that your pool size and solar heater are compatible so it works properly. If your heater size is not according to the pool, then water may be cold or heat more. However, if you adequately meet all the requirements and your heater is still not working, check your power connection and supply to make it work. 

3.Pool Heater Turns On and Off

It usually refers to the recycling process and may be an indication of some significant issues. Usually, it is due to the low conversion of sun energy into electrical power. Find out any damage in solar panels and repair or replace that panel. 

Poor water chemistry is also a reason behind this issue. Chemically affected water causes corrosion and affects heater efficiency.  Check all your heart components for corrosion signs that might be rust, scaling, or oxidation. The parts that involve erosion are pressure sensors, regulators, and switches. Cleans the parts during frequent maintenance services or replace if required. 

4.Poor maintenance problems

It is the most common reason for solar heater damage and requires more time and cost to repair. Solar heater panels damage or blockage is commonly reported and difficult to fix. Not only solar, but every type of heater also requires frequent maintenance service to optimize its efficiency. 

Excessive noise is the sign that your pool heater requires cleaning or any other maintenance service. It helps you to protect from other significant damages and also saves your cost of repair. 

5.Inadequate or low water flow

Proper flow of water is essential in pool efficiency and also for the solar pool heater. It helps to keep the solar heater in the pool working in a well-optimized way. Solar heaters have sensors for the required water flow, and it automatically turns on or off if the water is above or below that level. 

Check all the valves of the solar heater and other pool valves like a pump. If any of them is a block or clogged, you need to clear it as soon as possible. Close the power supply until all the valves are clear for efficient water flow. It keeps the solar heater safe from any significant damage. 

FAQ About The Solar Pool Heater Repair :

How do you repair solar panels in a pool?  

Identify damaged solar panels and circulate water through all. It helps to identify the leaks. Turn off the pump and allow all the panels to dry. Now it’s better to replace the damaged part. Replace by using a kit and cut the 1 in a long leaking tube section on top and similarly from the bottom side. Place a repair plugin and replace it with a new solar panel. Let it dry overnight. 

How long do Solar pool heaters last?  

Solar pool heaters are expensive parts of the pool and also more prone to damage. So on average, it lasts for 7 to 10 years. It is uncommon to see and solar eater failure in less than three years. Improper installation and chemical damages are more common.

Why is my pool Solar not working? 

There are many reasons for solar heaters not working. When a pool pump is not turned on or shut down after some time, it means the pool loses power connection, has a bad capacitor, or overloaded voltage. Jam motors are also a reason to stop working the heaters. All these problems are easy to repair. 

How much does it cost to fix a pool heater?

Pool heater repair cost depends on the level of damage. Every service offers a different price of repair but tries to prefer professional and expert services. The cost of repairing the pool heater is $445 or ranges between $160 to $730. The extent of damage increases the cost of repair.


Solar systems in pools make them more reliable and efficient for the winters. Maintain your solar pool heater cleaning and all other demands to keep the solar pool heater safe from any further damage. It is easy to repair small issues, and they are not expensive for solar systems. 

I hope this article helps you estimate your solar pool heater condition or the reasons behind your issue regarding the solar pool system.

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