RV window seal creep Repair: Complete Guide (For Beginners)

Tight, well-sealed windows will provide you waterproof, the protected atmosphere inside the RV. Nobody wants to have any damage in their RV windows, but it’s the shared risk. So, don’t worry, you are not alone in this situation. There are different types of RV windows, like single pane or double pane. If the windows break, then the chances of humidity increase and moisture start creeping inside the RV. It is easy to repair or replace that need few precautions and professional assistance to perform this task effectively. In this article, I will discuss Rv window seal creep Repair: Complete Guide (For Beginners), so you can quickly deal with RV window seal damages.

Creeping seals on windows and windshield?

RV windshield has several properties to protect the driver and passenger from the front. It is a two-piece shield with a vinyl layer in between. The vinyl layer provides specific functions like protect the inner layer from rock hit and many more.

Its outer layer has several issues like rocks, stones, stress cracks, or rusty frames. It is easy to repair as the vinyl layer protects to a great extend. But if it has any severe issue, then it also needs replacement.

RV windows consist of tempered glass, which is many times stronger than standard glass. RV windows also protect the passengers and also provide a realistic view of your destination.

It can last long for many years but also has several common issues. Many common problems include creeping or leakage. Window glass fogging is also an issue, but it can maintain by proper cleaning.

RV window seals shrinking.

The shrink window seal’s primary sign is that they are not tightly close and let the water enter. So when you wash the RV or are stuck in the rain, all the water through RV windows.

There are many reasons for window seal creep. First, you may think that it is not glued correctly, but it’s not the fact. Here are some reasons that cause RV window seals to shrink.

  • RV windows start losing their pressure when they get older.
  • Changes in temperature or extreme temperatures cause the windows to start creep.
  • Low-quality seals will result in shrinking after some time.

RV window seal repair cost

Cos of repair depends on the type of damage. Some roads badly affect the window that requires replacement of RV windows. The average cost varies from service to service professional, but the typical range is $100 to $150. As the problem gets bigger, the cost of repair also increases. Several factors affect the cost to reseal a shrink seal window, including size, type, quality, and many more.

RV window rubber seal replacement

Here is the step-by-step guide for replacing the RV window rubber seal if you feel the loose pressure. Follow all the steps accurately so you can have the best results.

Step 1: Remove all the screws

RV windows have screws inside and outside. Unscrew all the screws by using a screwdriver. Make sure that you have another person standing near you.

After losing the window, push it from the side, the second person must have a hand on the glass to protect it.

Step 2: Remove the old seals

Take a putty knife and remove the old seals or adhesive in your window after detaching the glass. It is easy to do in a few seconds.

Step 3: Cleaning

Take a cleaner to clean all the sides. Make sure that there is no residue left. After proper cleaning, rub the surface with paper towels.

Step 4: Apply seal tape.

Take the exact size of seal tape on the outer sides. Don’t leave any gaps. Correctly apply the tape on corners for better attachment of glass.

Step 5: Put the window back. 

Place the window back at its position. Ensure that other men hold it for security. Hold it until it’s tightly fit and centered at a place.

Step 6: Screw the frame

Tight all the screws back at their place by using a screwdriver. Don’t miss any side and double-check every screw.

Use the spray to clean the glass.

RV window seal tape

RV window seal tape helps to fix the glass more accurately. It protects the water to enter inside the RV.

Many different RV window seal tape types are available, like butyl tape, putty tape, and many more. You can use it according to your preference. The putty tape is most commonly used and has a better grip to withstand extreme conditions.

Frequently Asked Question:

How do you fix the seal on a camper window?

To fix the camper window, make sure that you have a sealant, putty knife, and finisher spray. Carefully remove the screws and clean the surface. Apply sealant glue, reattach the window glass correctly. Place back the screws and spray the finisher spray for cleaning the glass. It’s a simple and easy way to fix the seal of the camper window.

How do I stop my RV window from leaking?

RV windows start leaking due to shrinking seals. But for the immediate solutions, make sure that the exterior part has a pitch to drain the water outside. Check all the screws and fix them if any of them are loose.

Why does my window leak when it rains?

Mostly windows leek due to low maintenance and bad replacement installation or construction. Some windows start leaking due to any crack or insufficient pressure of seals. Care is the key to protect yourself from rainwater.

How do you clean weep holes in RV windows?

Weep holes are a way to drain the water outside. Take a curved piece and insert it to make it clog-free from dust and debris. Make sure that you clean it frequently to maintain its cleanliness.


RV windows seal is the key to protecting yourself during rides in extreme weather. As it helps you protect yourself from water or air. Make sure that it is perfectly fit before starting your ride. It is easy to repair but for accurate results, try to hire a professional. If you want to fix or replace it yourself, make sure you follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope this article helps you in the best possible way and understand how to repair or replace shrink window seals.

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