RV sandwich floor repair With 7 steps (Explained)

Everything in the world needs to be renewed, that is, repaired, corrected, added. The objects need to be repaired to be used for various reasons. In the same way, sandwich floors can be damaged by overuse, which requires repair.

In this article, we will show what steps should be taken to repair it, what materials are needed, and which ways are best. I hope you will benefit from it.

A significant proportion of commonly aerospace compounds is thin sandwich structures that are very susceptible to damage and easily damaged. Since the sandwich infrastructure is in a bonded position and the face sheets are light, sandwich structural problems are usually repaired by bonding.

Repair of the sandwich floor’s structural problems The same problem is solved by applying the same method for common face sheet materials like Fiberglass, carbon, and Kevlar. Most of the related issues are repaired with Fiberglass.

Sandwich floor repairs must be done when needed. Specific steps can be taken to correct or repair it. And it is better to divide these issues separately into what is required to repair them.

Here’s an example:

Source: The Canadian RV Repair Guy

Classification of repairs

It meets the requirements of a non-permanent repair effect but is dependent on the time or flight cycle. At the end of the repair phase, it needs to be removed and assembled. Reinforces the vital energy of an interior repair element.

It has a separate verification sort by interval and/or method. A long-term repair is a repair that renews the specific material and durability of the material. There are similar verification methods and intervals considering functional components for repairs.

Sandwich Structures Minor Core Damage (Filler and Potting Repair)

It is best to use a potted repair to repair a sandwich hive structure problem a little less than 0.5 inches. The beehive ingredients should be kept in the right place, or these can be removed, and some effects need to be filled with potting ingredients to renew. Not able to recover all the energy in the case of potted repair parts.

Potting materials are mostly limited to epoxy resins filled with an empty glass, phenolic or plastic micro blooms, cotton, flux, or other materials. It is advisable to use the potting compound as a filler for cosmetic repairs on the width and skin panels.

Parts of the floor can be used on sandwich beehive panels of pending materials as hardpoints of bolts and screws to solve the problem. Among the substances present in the potting, the weight is heavier than the core, and it can control the flight handling balance.

The RRM must calculate the repair’s weight considering the specific flight control weight and the ratio compared to the end.

Original additions and repairs should be made to damaged one or all faceplates.

Note: The steps described below are not a substitute for the Structural Repair Manual (SRM). But don’t assume that the repair measures used by following one’s system may not apply to other people’s activities and maybe.

Repair Purpose The following steps are used to repair the sandwich floor. According to this, step by step, if you fix it, we guarantee you will get good results.

(Step-1) Verify the damage

It is better to check the light edges in time, and the tape can be tapped to identify the damaged layers. Thicker borders are better required by NDI rules, for example, ultrasonic observation. Observe the damage for water, oil, fuel, garbage, or other foreign matter. Water can be detected by X-ray, backlight, or humidity.

(Step 2): Drain the water from the damaged area

Excess water should be removed here before repairing the damaged part. If the water cannot be removed, it boils during the high-temperature healing cycle, and the front sheets remove the root, causing more damage.

It is usual for the water to freeze in the hive’s core even at low temperatures at high altitudes, due to which the front sheets may be given randomly.

Step 3: Repair the damage.

Round corners, or trim the face sheet’s rust to a smooth shape with a round or oval shape. Pay close attention to the causes of damage, the core, or the surrounding components to not cause damage.

Even if the body is damaged, it should be removed by trimming the same contour’s skin

Step 4: Monitor the affected area

You can use a narrow disc sander or a spiral pad sander for sanding a uniform taper based on the damage identified. Some repair companies offer a taper ratio of 1:40, and others choose a type taper with a 1-inch overlap for each existing plywood on the front sheet. Remove the outer finish with a conductive coating for areas at least 1 inch larger than the taper’s end

Step 5: Install the honeycomb.

Cut with a knife to separate the attachment core. The main plug is the same shape as the primary core, must be of class and grade. It is best to line the part of the stem cell with the honeycomb of the adjacent material.

The plug must be trimmed to the proper length, and the solvent must be cleaned with the used cleaner material.

Step 6: Verify and set repair plies

Evaluate with a repair manual for good repairs and the number of plies useful for repairs. Usually, one more ply is set than the exact amount of ply. Just the right size and ply orientation, please cut.

The repair plies must be placed in the same direction as well as correct the main plies. To fix the soaked layout, impregnate the resin or remove the backing material from the prepay material.

Step 7: Repair Correction

Necessary correction cycle The repair is modified. Wet layouts can be repaired at the right room temperature. Higher temperatures up to 150 F can be used to increase the correction speed.

Prepreg repair should be corrected in a good correction cycle. Parts that can be separated from the aircraft can be fixed in a room over a temperature, stove, or autoclave. A heating blanket can be used to improve the aircraft

The method of repair is very different. Many skilled people apply other rules and can repair them. But the ways we have described here are straightforward to repair the sandwich floor. By following these rules, you can quickly fix and correct the problem.

You may have some questions about this topic.

Should I use the discarded bags to repair them or discard them?

The answer is that it would be better not to use your damaged material. If you add a new substance instead, the repair will be durable. 

Need to repair with experienced people?

It is best to have repairs done according to the advice of a qualified person. If the problem is not so big, then you can repair it yourself. Again if the problem is a little bigger, then it is wise to repair it with the help of someone who has experience in this matter.


Lastly, I would like to suggest that you follow the specific procedure when repairing the sandwich floor, then your repair will be effective. And use appropriate materials. If you don’t have so many problems, you don’t have to spend so much money on repairs.

We have tried our best to give guidelines for the repair of this subject through this article. Of course, we hope you can quickly and benefit from this RV sandwich floor repair. Good luck to you.

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