Pool Screen Repair – 9 Effective Steps Needs To Follow

The pool is always a favorite spot for enjoyment and maybe the same here for you. Speaking of the pool screen one thing comes to mind that it keeps away the bugs, besides that the pool screen has many benefits.

Pool screen is an aluminum case surrounding stronger mesh fabric. Usually, the fabric is tough enough to handle an adult’s weight. But it loses durability or tears overages and that causes pool screen repair. Obviously, you will be unhappy seeing the torn and worn-out screen. 

In this article, we’ll share 10 effective steps for a quick and simple repair job without calling a professional and it is cost-effective too.

When do you need to repair the pool screen? 

Typically, the pool screen is built to last and durable but as the time passes the screen gets older and causes damage. Actually, the screen often needs to change.So here are some common reasons that helps to understand when you need to repair it:

  • Holes or tears on the screen.

It is the most common reason for screen repairing. Usually, small creatures like birds make holes with their nails and beak. Sometimes pets also make holes, and even tear at times. Then you need minor repair. 

  • Damaged from weather

In humid weather, the screen gets damaged quickly. The moist weather causes corrosion, and builds up mold and mildew. It needs to well maintain and repair the damaged area. Moreover, the high wind makes holes and wrinkle on the screen and reduces the ability so check properly after blowing up heavy wind.

  • Catastrophic incident

Fallen trees or other unexpected incidents cause major damage to the screen; even the enclosure may bent or broken. Considering the damaging altitude, you need to repair or replace the screen. 

  • A new look

If the screen is dated or does not suit with the exterior home side you will need to replace the screen in that case. Sometimes applying paint or changing panel shape, you can match with exterior home spectacle. You can get a fresh look doing these repairing,

  • Adding features

To make the pool screen more effective you need to repair it. Such as if you replace the old screen with the pet proof screens it will prevent holes and tears caused by dogs or cats. Besides you can increase your privacy by blocking with the fishy shade.

9 Effective Steps Needs To Follow

If you hire a professional for the pool repair you have to pay a lot of money but you can do this yourself for half the cost. It’s not hazardous at all; you can do it smoothly using some tools and materials. Let’s start the tutorials: 

Step 1:  

Check out thoroughly the whole pool screen area and find out the damaged spot. Mark out the spots so that you won’t miss any holes and you can easily replace the old screen.  

Step 2: 

There are rubber threads to attach the screen with the case. Try to pull out the damaged screen area where you can use needle-nose pliers because it is hard enough. 

Step 3:

Recheck the case that there should be no thread left in the edges otherwise, the new rubber thread won’t stick properly. Again, use the needle-nose plier to remove the thread properly. 

Step 4:

Cut out the damaged screen and measure the area accurately. Then cut out the right amount of screen from the new roll and you don’t need to cut the edges. We will do it after assembling. 

Step 5:

Now place the screen with rubber thread into the crease of the pool enclosure. Use the screen roller over the thread and press it against so that the underneath tightly sticks with the cage’s crease. 

Step 6:

After locking the screen tightly cut out the excessive screen from the corner to corner. Using a carton cutter for this basis and do the job with precision. Here, you must be careful to avoid wounds. 

Step 7:

Repeat the way in all panels of the pool cage; of course, for the damaged area. Actually using the process you can install a completely new screen in the pool enclosure. 

Step 8:

Repairing the rooftop isn’t a piece of cake and you can’t do it yourself. You need one or two people to repair it. Usually, the roof panel is above 12 feet high so need a big ladder for this. And you need an assistant who will supply the tools. You have to balance precariously while dangling on top of the ladder. By chance, if you are going to fall just aim at the pool otherwise it would be a serious injury. Try to avoid looking down; seriously, it works really well. 

Step 9:

Scan the pool case if there are any problems with the new screen and thread. Make sure the screen is stretched properly and firmly attached to the crease because it reduces wrinkles on the panels. 

Things you need to know

Pool screen is beneficial in many ways such as it provides plenty of shade and protects you from direct sunlight. It prevents UV rays and you can enjoy a comfortable pool time. It also keeps the pool water in bearable condition and doesn’t burn off easily. There will be no leaves and debris on the pool, so the water will remain clean for a long time. The pests can’t enter the frame and you will have a bug free environment. You will obtain a lot of advantages by installing a pool screen, so make it always in tip-top conditions.

When you complete DIY projects it feels really great and satisfying. Actually, if you call a professional to repair a small hole it would be a honey-cost for the month. So you can make this by yourself. To avoid problems you need to consider these issues:

  1. Buy repairing tools; usually, there is a small usage of traditional hardware like nose pliers or scissors. But you need to buy the mesh screen exceptionally and also a screen roller. Usually the homeowners don’t store this roller. If you don’t collect the tools it proves to be difficult to complete. For buying the kit you can contact the closest home improvement store; otherwise, order from the online market. 
  1. Without skills, it would be simply a drawn process. Many people don’t analyze properly what causes most of the repair fails. For proper repairing, you need to examine every panel and follow the steps. If you fail to finish off any steps it causes disappointment. So have patience and get all the work done smoothly.
  1. Safety is first. It is quite simple repairing the flat widows, doors and panels. While you are changing the roof panels it could be unsafe for you. So you need to ensure the safety issues. Make sure you have proper ladders or walk boards to complete the job.

Final Words

Pool screen repair is in the term of DIY that is really beneficial for making home improvement. The homeowners always want to make the home as beautiful and comfortable; same as the pool. The pool screen maintains the cleanliness of the pool as well as provides protection. On the contrary, a damaged pool screen is like a hole in the bottom of a boat. So you need to immediately reinstall the pool screen. 

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