Everything You Need To Know About Laptop headphone jack repair cost

If your laptop headphone jack is damaged, do not be said you’re not alone in this problem. We are here to resolve your issue.

You are in the right place to discuss the laptop headphone jack repair cost and highlight the main reasons for headphone jack damage. Jack repair costs vary according to the problem or severity of the damage. If you are under the warranty period, you will not pay a single penny, but you will have to pay something in severe damage in some cases. 

Before you begin

Properly check the laptop for the problem, whether headphone damaged, or laptop jacks require repairing. 

First, check the headphones or headset. If there is a problem with that, then you will not need the jack repair. Connect or disconnect the jack’s headphones twice and check the connectivity—some devices connected with the USB connector and some with the jack connector.

Make sure the jack connector you are using is compatible with your laptop headphone jack connector or not.

In HP laptops, two types of headphone connectors are available. One is to support both headphones and microphones while the other helps only the sounds of the headphone.

Headphone connectors in Hp laptops are marked with the symbols next to the slot like the headphone symbol next to the connector support output sound.

To enable the microphone, connect in the microphone symbols slot, and use four pins headsets; you will be able to enjoy the sounds with microphones.

Please do not decide to repair and replace your laptop accessories based on the price range.

Research and access appropriately for the damage and make sure which price it will be repaired or replaced and at what level your problem is? If you are deciding to change or even headphone jack repairing, you must contact the professionals. They will give you the best solution within a few minutes and resolve your problem within hours.

Headphone jack repair cost

Some companies or shops offer low price ranges for headphone jack repair. These prices reflect the services they provide. Someone may repair at a low cost because they have less knowledge regarding jack repair, but the experts always cost high and do not compromise their rates and quality. They charge these rates of their professional services and maintain the data of your computer while repairing. An inexperienced person may hit your data unconsciously because they did not understand the importance of that


According to their experience, every service provider has different rates, your adverse headphone condition, whether it requires replacement or repair, and the material that provides you in reserve. The average cost of headphone jack repair was $100, but it depends on various conditions, as I already said.

How much does changing a damaged headphone jack of a laptop cost in India? 

Laptop jack repair cost in India? It varies in India. You may have a question in your mind how? Many factors play their role in this variable price, and the central part is the problem there.

Now you are in search of changing the cost of the headphone jack of your laptop. It means that you face this problem for a longer time and try to fix it at home but fail to do that. And maybe you try some local markets or shopkeepers as well who have significantly less knowledge regarding that. 

Now you are here to research appropriately before deciding, and believe me, that’s good because you are in the right place. Here you will get the solution to your problem satisfyingly.

If you are searching for the headphone jack replacement cost, you will need to have proper knowledge about the required device, and you can also get accurate advice from a professional.

I advise you to assess your device before replacing the headphone jack properly. Maybe the problem is in your headset, and the jack is fine if it works with other headsets. And if it’s not working, you will surely go for replacing your laptop’s headphones jack and keep your old device intact.

Factors to affect the cost in India

In India, various factors affect the cost of changing the headphone jacks, and some are listed below.

  • Availability or compatibility of specific manufactures headphone jack.
  • Model of your laptop
  • Type of software running on your laptop
  • Warranty life of your device
  • Your area or the area of the shop for repair or replacement
  • Most importantly, the time required for the job.

In India, it costs 500 to 1200 for changing the headphone jacks, and it depends on all of the factors mentioned above. It is not a fixed price. Every company or shop fixes their prices by itself. The price mentioned is the average cost, mostly demand from the customers when they want to replace the headphone jacks.

It includes all the services like labor cost, device compatibility, and suitable device for your laptop. If they successfully repair the headphone jacks, then the price is lower because it requires less labor work since there are many ways to fix the older device instead of changing them immediately.

Laptop repairs are not generally cheap because they require time to open the system and put them back. Also, an inexperienced person does not do it accurately, so I advise you to go with the professional services and keep your device intact. Every time you think that your headphone jack is damaged and you need to replace it, it’s not right because there are many ways to repair them before changing with new devices.Fix a broken laptop headphone jack - Just In View


Repairing is always less than replacing. We always advise those asses correctly before making the decision that may require other solutions than replacing. Maybe the headphone jack is fine, and the problem is in your headsets.  

The most important is not compromising the quality over the low prices as it works for some time, then you will again start facing the same problem. I hope this discussion helps you make the right decision and get all the valuable advice regarding your issues.

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