Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost 2021(Estimated)

Do you face the problem of charging your laptop? Or do you have any issues with the laptop charging port? Don’t worry about that. We are here to help you with the best of the knowledge that we have.

Here in this article, we will discuss the reasons and types for damaging the charging port and its repairs. It also discusses the laptop charging repair cost.

Laptop charging port

Charging ports are the most sensitive part of the laptop, which can easily damage by any accident. Your system will not work until it has a power supply, and for that, you need to charge your laptop.

Charging ports have dislodged around surroundings that help in charging. If these dislodge damage, you need to repair them because the charging port stops working immediately.

Sometimes charging ports is OK, but there is a problem with anything else you are not looking for, so it’s essential to inspect properly before repairing the charging port and finding the cause of damage.

Here are some common problems that you need to know.

Problem with battery

It is the common reason for the laptop not charging. To check the battery, remove the battery from the system, and directly turn the computer with the power supply. laptop charging port

If the computer turns on, then the problem is with your batter, and if not, you need to check for another issue.

Breaks, burnout, or shorts

When the charge is connected with the power for a longer time, it may lead to breaks and shorts as it causes the heat up, which causes the breakout.

So if the charger is not working, check the wire for any cuts, breaks, or changes in the wire’s flexibility. Check the end of the wire and AC brick. If there is any discoloration, then your charger is burned, that you need to replace.

Connector problem

When you connect the laptop charging port with the connector, it needs a healthy power supply to charge. If there is any problem with the connector, then it will not start charging.

So check the connector correctly, and if there is a smell or discoloration, you need to repair and replace it as soon as possible.

Laptop settings problem

It’s a rare case, but it happens. Sometimes your laptop will not charge due to problems in your laptop settings. So it would be best if you fixed it by clicking on the control panel and then the power setting. Reset the power setting and again plug the charger and see if it’s working or not.laptop charging port

If there is any problem related to the list mentioned above, then there is no issue with your charging port.

But if you carefully check all these aspects and there is no problem, you need to repair or replace your laptop charging port.

Cost of repairing the laptop charging port

Every laptop model and company has a different type of charging port. So their repair cost also varies. There are many issues because the charging port needs to improve, and its price depends on the level of damage.

Some new laptop models have terrible designs in their charging ports that are difficult to repair and cost different prices.

Repairing cost depends on the limit of your warranty. If your laptop falls under the warranty limit, then you will not need to pay a single penny. But if there is no warranty left, you have to charge, but it’s not as much higher. 

The average repairing cost of a laptop charging port falls between $35 and $50. It is not a fixed price. It will vary according to the damage to your charging port and the model of your laptop.

Some technicians may cost higher prices according to their experience or fixed rates, extending to $350. If they cost higher prices, they may have high-quality equipment and machinery along with well-trained technicians.

It includes the labor cost, repairing cost, or also if there is any need to replace any chip. If there are only minor issues, then that will only repair for only $8.

Some professional services include the price of diagnosis, the problem cost, and they separately charge the fee of their effort as labor cost.

How to fix the damaged laptop charging port?

As I already mentioned above, there are various reasons due to which your laptop is not charging. So to fix your laptop charging problem, you first need to identify the issue.

To check the issues, here are some guidelines that you have to follow before contacting the professional.

Check the charger plug-in properly

It might seem funny, but it happens that many users didn’t plug the charger correctly and think that their charging port is damaged. So double-check that your charger is precisely plug-in. Not only has the charging port checked all the power connections.

Connect the charger with the right port

There are many ports on modern laptops, especially USB charging ports in modern laptops. Many new devices have a modern USB-C port that helps in effective charging, but at the same time, it has two USB ports. So you may get confused while connecting the charger.laptop charger

Remove the battery

It is the essential point in diagnosing the issue in charging ports. If your computer comes with a removable battery, it’s easy to remove and check the charging port.

But there is fixing the battery with screws or nuts; then you need to remove that first. Now plug in the charger, presses the power button for 1 to 2 seconds, and waits for the results.

Some batteries are attached with the motherboard that you cannot remove without professional help. Professionals remove the battery and also check the hardware, which also may cause the problem.

Examine power cords

Power cords are a sensitive tool of your laptop that may get damaged with any minor accident. So carefully examine the power cord for any bends, break, or any other physical damage.

If there is any problem, you need to replace the cord because it’s the only solution.

Update your drives

Updates help you in getting back the original condition of your laptop. Please search for the power drivers and update them. Then it will help you in improving the condition of your computer. Once you update the driver, again connect the charger with the charging port.

Cooldown the laptop

Batteries generate heat while charging and hardworking. If you plug the charger and feel that laptop temperature increases, then place it in an open place to cool down. After completely cooling down again, try the charging. The increasing temperature may cause serious issues.

Condition of your charging port

Carefully assess the condition of the charging port for any smell or discoloration. If there is any dirt or debris inside the charging port, you need to clean it immediately. But this is a rare situation. Sometimes charging ports are wobbly, and it is a severe issue as it is the indicator of a broken charging port from inside.

Professional assistance

If you diagnose any of the issues mentioned above, then immediately contact the professional. They help you with an immediate solution by repairing and replacing the damaged charging port.  Dealing with the charging port is a challenging task, so don’t play to fix it.

So contact the technician who better understands the internal system of your laptop. Professionals have advanced techniques and apparatus to repair your charging port.

Can you fix a laptop charger port?

The laptop charging port is a sensitive part of the system, which needs professional assistance. But if you want to fix it by yourself, then you need to find the issue first.

In some laptops, the power jack is removable from the motherboard and can easily be removed with care. On the other hand, you will need to contact the professional—some damage is severe, which can only be handled by the technicians.

How do I know if my laptop charging port is damaged?

If your laptop starts heating, then it is the first indicator of a damaged charging port. Free charging ports that will need to fix the adaptor with care also lead to a damaging situation. Sometimes there are carbonizing and burned marks that identify the damaged charging port.

How much does it cost to fix a laptop charging port?

The cost of repairing the charging port varies from laptop to laptop and the charging port condition. Most technicians demand $100 to $150 to fix the charging port. It includes their service charges along with any other taxes they charge.

Repairing requires the destruction of the laptop and removing all the parts separately. So it is a time-consuming task and requires an expert technician who can handle it with care.

Final words

The laptop charging port is a sensitive part and can be damaged in minor accidents.

Many professional companies provide their services to help you. You only need to contact the technicians and fix your problem. Please try to avoid setting by yourself as you do not know the internal system of the laptop.

I hope this article helps you better understand your laptop charging port condition and the other factors you are looking for to repair your charging port.

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