Generac RV generator repair: With 7 Steps(Explained)

RV owners understand the importance of generators when they are on long tours. If there is any problem with the RV generator, it causes a lot of issues.

There are two primary functions of a generator in an RV. The first is to store energy for the RV house battery. The second is to use the power for direct plug in the AC power outlets.

If you have problems with the Generac RV generator, don’t worry. It’s a common problem that many RV users face. You only need to maintain its repair and other maintenance services. It helps to prolong the shelflife of Generac RV generators for longer times. you need the guidelines that allow you to repair and replace with repair service. This article will help you with a complete guide about the Generac RV generator repair. So let’s begin.

Where is the Generac generator located in RV?

Generac RV generator is a powerful portable generator that helps run the RV system for a long time. Make sure to place the generator on a flat surface that does not contact a flood. Keep the generator five feet away from the windows, doors, and soffit vents. So it does not have direct contact with the water. 

Why repair the Generac generator? 

The Generac repair depends on various factors. The most important of all is its power supply condition. Whenever you notice any damage to your generator, you need to repair it immediately. If you don’t call the repair services at minor issues, you have to face significant problems. That may lead you to the replacement of the Generac generator.

So it’s essential to call the repair services immediately to keep the power supply perfect and prevent future consequences. Some other factors are also included, like the generator, leaking, or battery issues. If your generator was many years old and passes through repair services, then you need to replace it. When the generator works more than its average, it is the best option to replace that with a new generator.

It is a costly process but helps you to enjoy the RV trips more effectively. Sometimes the repair is the permanent problem solver. But in some cases, you need to replace the generic generator for your RV power supply. So call for the professionals who guide you better with their experience in a similar field. 

Generac RV generator repair cost 

Generac generators also need repair and maintenance services every year like all other generators. The Generac offers annual maintenance services that include repair services too. So the Generac charge $200 for their annual services, But many services provide both repair and maintenance services.

They have different rates according to the level of their experience and the generator’s condition. The average rate of those professionals is between $80 to $150. Suppose the generator requires the replacement of some parts. In that case, the repair cost increases because it includes the price of that part plus the professional fee.

It is advisable to call for the repair service without any delay. If you don’t repair the minor problems, you may need to replace the generator that costs more than its repair. The replacement of the old Generac generator with the new generator cost more than the $5000 to $6000. It includes the cost of the technician and the price for a new generator. Try to maintain the Generac generator condition with annual services. Do not delay the repair services it requires at the initial stages. 

How to repair the Generac RV generator?

When you have any issue with the generator and ignore it, you may face many future consequences. One of the biggest is that you need to do the replacement. So it’s essential to call for the repair after observing any fault in your Generac generator. Yet, you need to know the problems you may face but ignore due to lack of knowledge.

If you know the basics, you can easily understand the problem and call for a repair. It is a great way that ensures you face little downtime when you face any issue. 

Problems and their solutions 

Here are some problems that may cause significant issues if you don’t repair them on time. 

Steps 1: Battery problems

It is one of the most common problems. If you don’t repair it on time, you need to replace the generator batteries then. Batteries stop providing power and charge due to internal issues. Ensure that batteries are in the best condition along with their chargers and cables.

How to repair?

Generac batterie has a specific lifespan. So to maintain it, you need to repair its damages. If the battery didn’t provide enough power, check its liquid, connections, and other parts. 

If you fail to recognize the damage, then call a professional.

Steps 2: Fail to start 

If your Generac generator fails to start, then the one issue is that you may not set the control to auto setting. 

How to repair?

Make sure you don’t put the control button over the off/reset position. It will not allow the generator to turn on. If you set this setting, but the issue remains the same, you need to call the professional to prevent severe problems. 

Steps 3: Generator leaks

Suppose you have issues performing the regular tasks. Then check the RV generator for the oil, fuel, or coolant leak.

How to repair?

The generator may have the block heater hoses that cause the coolant leak. You can prevent the leaking in various ways like wet stacking or any other. But make sure you repair it immediately as it may lead the generator to a complete leak of fuels or coolants. Then it requires more cost to repair than the initial stage. 

Steps 4: Run out of fuel.

Generac generator fuel gauges fail to state the fuel level that results in fuel end. There is no fuel in the generator, but it is still on, it causes adverse effects. It may lead to the mechanical gauge stuck that fails to state the fuel level. It is always good to check the RV generator’s fuel and prepare for onsite storage.

It helps you refill the energy immediately when you notice the power below the average level. Always keep the extra generator fuel with you in an RV so that you immediately start the generator at any point. 

Steps 5: High fuel level alarm

It has a specific role when you fill the fuel in Generac generators. Every type of generator requires a particular level of power to avoid overfilling the generator. 

How to repair?

If the generator has a higher fuel level, it may undergo thermal expansion. To ensure that the increased fuel alarm is working, reset the warning to avoid any inconvenience. If it is not working, then make sure you repair it immediately.

Steps 6: Maintenance tips 

Here are some tips on how to prevent it from getting damaged.

Check the Oil Often

RV generators are air-cooled engines. To keep the generator safe from damage, keep a regular check on the oil level. If you use the generator for an emergency, then refuel it before completing the 100 hours. Also, make sure that you cool the generator before starting its servicing.

Maintain the Air Filter

It is best to replace the old dirty air filter with a neat and clean one. You can also use the previous filters by washing them with soap. Make sure you dry the filter before placing it in the generator. You must use the proper precautionary measure before replacing the air filters. 

Maintain the Spark Plugs

Ensure that you check the spark plug of the generator before start using the generators. You can take guidance from the generator manual if you have any problem checking the spark plugs. You have to check the spark plug after cooling the engine. If it is dirty, you can clean it by light agitating the wire brush. Then check the space with a torque wrench. 

Steps 7: Change the Battery

Not every Generac generator needs to have a battery, but if it is available, then charge it before starting the generator. Pluck the battery with the trickle charger to keep it well maintained.

How long can a Generac RV generator run continuously? 

Everything in the world has an end. Similar is with the power of the generator. Generac generators provide power to your RV for a specific period. No matter how robust your generator was at the start, it has to end at a point. Many factors control the power supply of Generac generators.

Some Generac generator for RV provides power for up to eight hours, and some provide for the 12 hours. So it varies from model to model of Generac generators. It is suitable for your generator if you run out for extended hours than their average time. Some generators shut down when they don’t have enough power for RV appliances. It is a good practice that saves the generators from irreparable damages.

You can run these models of the Generac generators for more than 3000 hours. It also requires the proper repair and maintenance services for better results. The Generac generators have three fuel types: propane, diesel, and natural gas. These generators have more efficient motors that provide continuous power for longer hours. On the other side, it needs to have the proper supply of these fuels all the time in a massive amount. Here are the several factors that affect the running time of the Generac generators.

The fuel tank size for the generator in RV is the crucial factor in this regard. It helps you estimate the average time of running the Generac generator. The ambient temperature of the RV also affects the running time of the generators. It requires a specific range of temperatures for perfect running.

Are Generac RV generators the most reliable? 

Severalties also conduct a reliability test for the Generac generators of RV. So their results show that it is 99 percent reliable than any other generator. Generac’s company mission is to build an RV generator with more reliability than any other. They believe that they have super reliable generator models for the RV.

Many users also claim that Generac generators are upper reliable. So you can use the Generac generators in your RV for long and reliable power results. 

Does Generac still make RV generators? 

Generac RV generators are available worldwide. You can find them at home retailers, e-commerce, and other places. There are 5000 independent dealers to supply the Generac generators across the United States. RV Generac generators are reliable, and RV owners prefer them. So it is available worldwide.

How many hours will an RV generator last? 

Every Generac generator model has a different capacity to provide the power in your RV. The average hours to give power are around eight hours to 12 hours, depending on the various factors. It would be best if you look at multiple things while buying the generator for your RV. 

How do you troubleshoot a Generac generator? 

It is a quick process to check the troubleshooting in the Generac generators. Check the generator temperature by using the illuminating light checker. Make sure you check the unit configuration. Try to avoid the automatic cut-offs from the generator. Check the surface level of the Generac generators. 


Make sure you conduct the repair services on time. If you don’t call professional repair services, you will face future consequences. You can perform the repair yourself if the generator needs little help. Still, it is always best to call the professionals. They have the experience to repair the Generac generators properly. 

If your Generac generator needs replacement, then go for the permanent solutions. It is essential to follow all the instructions to make your generic generator long-lasting.

I hope this article provides you a complete guide about the repair of a Generac generator of RVs. 

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