How Do you repair A Broken Garage Door Glass?

Natural light is the best source of brightness in a room. That’s why glass windows are attached to every house.

Have you ever thought about how a garage manages to get the sunlight inside? Yes, sometimes glass windows are also provided in a garage door.

You cannot just leave the broken portion in the garage door because the chances of robbery will be high through the hollow space. So, it is essential to repair it as soon as possible. The garage glass door repair is both easy and difficult depending on the door specifications.

Tools you will need to repair your garage door glass:

Garage door glasses are easy to repair. You will need some tools to repair your garage door glass.

Let’s check the tools-

  • Plywood or thin wood
  • Wood chisel
  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • 1/8-inch drill bit
  • Putty masking tape
  • knife
  • all-weather caulking
  • Work gloves 
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How do you repair a broken garage glass door?

You have to install a window according to your door type. Be careful while removing or repairing garage door glass.

  • First, cut the new glass to the required size.
  • Unscrew the window frame. Two people are needed to do this process. One person will unscrew the window frame, and the other will hold the window frame from outside.
  • After that, remove the inner window frame with a knife. 
  • If your garage door panel comes with a clip design, remove the clips to replace the window.
  • After removing the panel, place the door and glass on plywood or cardboard. 
  • Unwind the torsion and extension springs.
  • At last, set the clips again into their old place and reinstalled the door.
  • Reinstall the springs, hinges, tracks, cables, and drum.
  • Before replacing, check the model number of the door.  If your garage door holds labeling stickers you can claim for door replacement. 

Glass Panel Garage Door:


Garage glass doors have a metal framework that provides the door with a strong structure.

Regular glasses have the chance of breaking but high-quality tempered provides durable and long-lasting performance.

So, a garage door with high-quality tempered glass increases the durability of the door.


Different types of window size can be designed according to your taste:

1. Square

2. Long 

3. Short

3. Wide

4. Rounded

Glass garage doors have three transparency levels. They are-

  • Clear: These types of glasses are transparent and ideal for those who want natural light.
  • Obscure: Suitable for custom or private use.
  • Frosted glass: It is suitable for private use and those who want a unique effect in their garage.

 Mirrored panels may be used for the modern designed glass garage door.

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Advantages of Garage Door Glass:

  • No painting required:

You have to paint your garage door to enhance its beauty. But no paint is required for the glass door. Only glass cleaner makes the old door into a new garage glass door.

  • Opening up the garage space:

If you need natural warm sunlight, a glass door is the best option for your garage.The natural light gives a warmer, brighter look.

  • Increase appeal:

Glass garage door increases your home beauty. Garage door glass panels are designed with 1/4″ thick tempered laminated glass.

  • Makes the garage door strong:

High-quality tempered glass is strong and scratch-resistant as wood or aluminum panels. It increases durability. You can also install bulletproof glass, but it may add costs.

  • Save Space:

A glass garage door can save space in our house. The horizontal panels provide a sliding door that requires less space.

High-quality glass doors are mainly used in the living room. 

  • Colors that fit any style:

Glass garage doors allow use with white aluminum and opaque glass panels.

Some glass doors may come with grays and black colored options if you need a creative, dark style in your garage.

  • Provides great value:

Glass garage doors need low maintenance. Soap and water can clean the glass garage door. It comes with weatherproofing techniques that allow it to enter sunlight.

  • Increased Privacy:

The users who require low sunlight and more privacy can fit frosted glass windows.

  • Frame Colors and Materials:

The garage glass doors with an aluminum frame can be found along with coatings, colors, or wood grain finish.

  • Interior or Exterior Wall:

Glass garage doors are mainly used in restaurants and bars.

  • Design choices:

Garage glass doors offer versatile colors, patterns that allow the homeowner to choose according to his/her needs. So, anyone can purchase a glass garage door that matches their home’s style.

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Disadvantages of Glass Garage Door:

Though it has many benefits, it has some demerits too.

  • Weight:

If you want to install a glass panel, you need to have a strong door opener with powerful torsion or extension garage door springs.

  • Limited application:  

A glass garage door is suitable for a bungalow or your Victorian. So, before installing a glass garage door think about the exterior of your house.

  • Cost of garage glass door:

Tempered glass garage doors are expensive. If you want a frameless, tinted, or mirrored garage door, it will add more costs to your budget. 

  • Lack of insulation:

Garage glass doors have a unique insulation feature that helps to regulate your garage temperature according to the weather outside. But, if you install a glass garage door, your garage will lose insulation.

  • Less Practical:

Garage glass doors are fragile. It is less practical than steel.

How do you choose the right window insert for my garage door?

Clear glass window helps to enter natural sunlight in your garage.

In a traditional garage, you can use a four-panel wide window.

If you need a custom garage door, use the black canvas.

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Final Verdict:

A glass door can enhance a garage appearance. Glassdoor gives your garage a stylish and modern look. Before repairing or replacing garage glass doors, always consider your home style.

In this article, we enlighten you with a vast knowledge of garage door glass repair. Now, you can repair your garage glass door confidently. If you are still not confident, contact a professional that helps you repair the garage door glass.

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