Garage Door Brace Repair (With 3 Methods)

Garage door brace repair can be a troublesome process if you don’t have proper knowledge about the repair process. But rest assured! When you will know the repair process here, it will not take much time to repair yourself. 

First of all, we use the garage door almost every day & the garage door consists of moving parts.  Among those garage door parts, the brace is an important one that holds the track to the wall. The garage door opens & closes quickly because of this. Over time, the garage door brace becomes loose from their mountings due to everyday stress on it. If not maintained properly, the door brace might pull away too. 

There are several ways to repair a garage door brace. Usually, it takes a few simple steps to repair the brace of the garage door. This article is going to describe how to repair your garage door brace efficiently & easily. Let’s Find Out!

Brace Repairing method no.1

Necessary Items – 

  • Hand Gloves
  • 3×7 Nail-in plate
  • Hacksaw
  • Drill
  • Sheet metal screws 
  • Metal snips
  • Metal file (optional)

* Note: use precaution since metal edges are sharp. 

Procedure – 

  • Prepare the Brace & Nail Plate (Step-1)

At first, from the top brace of the garage door panel, disconnect the garage door opener. Then remove the brace of the garage door. Flatten & trim the sharp edges of the brace. A larger nail plate than the width of the brace has an advantage & it works as a reinforcement. Now, screw the nail plate to a 2×4 piece of wood and use a hammer to bend it along the long edge into an L-shaped bend.

  • Fix the plate into the Brace (Step-2)

Cutaway the top edge of the nail plate an inch to make way for the lip of the panel. Now, using metal sheet screws fix the plate into the brace.

  • Connect the Garage door opener & Brace (Step-3)

It’s time to fit the brace (refurbished one) to the garage panel door. Small wooden support to the top door panel will help the brace to remain stable. This support confirms that the brace is screwed not only in the thin metal strip but also in the wood support. 

Finally! Attach the brace to the garage door opened & All done. You are good to go opening the garage door. 

Brace Repairing method no.2

Necessary Items – 

  • Screws & Bolts.
  • Screwdriver & Wrench.
  • Hammer or Rubber Mallet.
  • Mounting Bracket.

Procedure – 

  • Garage door Brace Tightening (Step-1)

If your brace keeps losing from its mounting, move along the entire length & look for any bolts & screws. Use a wrench or screwdriver to tighten the screws of the brace into the walls securely. 

  • Chips & Dents Straightening (Step-2)

After doing the first step, let’s move forward to check the next target. We are talking about Chips & Dents that might prevent the garage door from functioning properly. Using a hammer or rubber mallet pound them a little hard for repairing. If the brace is damaged, then it might need to be replaced.

  • The garage door Brace leveling (Step-3)

An uneven brace can be harmful, brace needs to be even when attaching to the garage door. Use a leveling tool to make sure that braces are even & make some adjustments if needed.

  • Checking the mounting Brace for Damage (Step-4)

The garage door is usually operated by a screw drive. Its mounting brace can hold the motor fine but most of the time, the pressure goes to the screw drive. To inspect it closely, place a step ladder near the brace & replace it if it’s damaged. Set up the secondary ladder under the damaged brace & adjust the height of it using scraps of wood. 

  • Removing the damaged Garage door Brace (Step-5)

Remove the damaged brace that is held up by the second step ladder using a socket wrench. First, remove the bolts, then unbolt the brace itself. Lower the broken brace after bolts are set aside. 

  • Installing the New Garage door Brace (Step-6)

At last, take some time to check the wooden mount & bring the new mounting brace in the position where the brace will be bolted to. It should be strong enough to hold the weight & not damaged upon removal. After ensuring that it’s condition is perfect, use the old bolts to install the new brace. There should be no movement or struggle with the brace. Tight the screws after making the proper adjustment. 

Finally! You have successfully repaired the new brace and are good to go. Your garage door brace should work just fine. 

Brace Repairing method no.3

Necessary Items – 

  • ScrewDriver.
  • Hammer.
  • Leveler.
  • & Brain.

Procedure – 

  • Look for any loose screws. Tighten them with a screwdriver to fix the brace. 
  • Any dents on the brace might be cause for the garage door malfunctioning. Using a hammer, fix the dents to make the door functioning again. 
  • If braces are uneven then the door will not function properly. Use a leveler to make sure the braces are even. 
  • In case of being overweight on your brace, you might use garage door bracket glue to stop it from falling over.

Sometimes these little problems make the garage door brace not working properly. Look for the little problems using the brain & try to repair them with minimal effort.

F.A.Q (Frequently asked Questions)

How can I strengthen my garage door?

For outside strengthening, covering the door with metal panels will do the work. For strengthening inside, installing additional braces (2x4s at each joint & 2 feet on center) will do the work.

How much does it cost to repair a garage door brace?

Garage door brace repair varies from person to person & time to time. Usually, $15-$20 is sufficient if the user has proper knowledge about repairing. In the case of new users, it might increase a little.


From our perspective, we have advised some good methods for the Garage door brace repair procedure. Garage door bracket repair is a troublesome process if not done correctly. We hope our little effort in repairing the garage door brace will benefit you if you find the garage door brace malfunctioning. 

But we strongly suggest, after trying to repair yourself if the brace problem continues, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals.  Because this metal repairing might not be easy for everyone. Good luck with your repair

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