Engine Wiring Harness Repair: Why Is It Important the Cost?

Do you know that your favorite car carries a bunch of fire hazards with itself? Yes, you are reading it correctly! Unless taken care of, a car engine can especially catch fire. However, finding those hazards is a daunting task! So how can you prevent it? 

The solution to your problem lies with your car engine harness! Over time, the car engine harness wires loosen up – exposing the engine’s metal wiring. So hence, it’s crucial to repair engine wiring from time to time. 

You will learn in this guide how to find the right harness and how much a typical engine wiring harness repair cost you!


Factors to Consider When Buying a Harness Wire

Many engine wire harnesses are available on the market, ranging from low to high prices. It gets overwhelming for the car owners, especially the new ones, to pick the right wire harness for their car with so many options. 

However, it gets more comfortable if you know the right things to look for in an engine wire harness.  So here is a list of things that you should consider when buying an engine harness wiring:

  • Type:

When it comes to harnessing wires, there are broadly two types; one is basic and specialty body wiring harness with accessory power wires. If you own a car that doesn’t have an advanced electrical system, then a basic engine wiring harness would do the job for you.

Basic harness wiring is easy and quick to install. On the other hand, if the car uses a complex electrical system with special sound assemblies, factory amplifiers, warning chimes, etc., you need to buy a specialty wiring harness. 

  • Features:

One of the critical deciding factors for deciding the type and engine wiring harness repair cost is the features that harness wiring offers. The ideal choice is a wiring harness that comes with color-coded wires. These are very easy and simple to install. Furthermore, always ensure that the wiring harness you are choosing has offered additional safety features like smart switches, converters, circuit protection, and terminals. 

  • Engine Wiring Harness Repair Cost:

The most crucial factor of all for buying a wiring harness is the engine wiring harness repair cost. This cost includes the wiring harness’ upfront price and any additional cost you need to incur to make the repair/replacement. 

How To Install/Repair/Replace Wiring Harness?

Engine wiring harness repair cost is usually expensive. However, you can save the repair cost by installing or repairing on your own. The task may seem very complicated, but you can easily do it all by yourself once you know the right procedure to do it. 

  • Tools That You Need:

When installing/repairing the engine harness wiring on your own, you need the right tools, including a screwdriver set, masking tape, jack & jack stands, and a ¼-inch socket.

  • Step 1 – Labelling the wires connections using the masking tapes. This step will help you make the installation very quickly, significantly if the wires’ colors are faded away. 
  • Step 2 – Disconnect and remove the car battery from the vehicle using a socket wrench.
  • Step 3 – Now, disconnect the primary connection of the engine body wire harness.
  • Step 4 – Take a jack, jack up the vehicle, and disconnected all the wires from under the car.
  • Step 5 – Install the new engine wiring harness. While installing new wiring, ensure that the wires route away from the hot exhaust pipes and other engine parts. Once you are done, reconnect the battery to the vehicle, and you are good to go.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Harness Wiring?

Just like any other thing, the cost of replacing an engine harness wiring is also an essential factor.  When it comes to engine wiring harness repair cost, it includes wire buying cost and any other cost for replacing the wiring. Usually, the general engine wiring replacement and repair cost vary depending upon many factors.

The price is low or high depending on the wire type, features, and whether you are doing on your own or hiring a car mechanic. If you buy a basic engine harness wiring, it could cost $40 to buy it. On the other hand, the cost of a specialty wire starts at $90.

Furthermore, the installation cost for a basic engine wiring harness is usually the specialty harness wiring installation. It is because specialty wiring is complex to install and takes more time and effort. 

Why Does Replacing Engine Harness Cost Such Much Money?

If you have replaced/repaired an engine wiring harness before, you would already know that replacing it doesn’t come cheap. Although, the question of interest here is what makes this tiny replacement so costly? The answer to this question is divided into three parts:

  • Firstly, the cost of purchasing a wiring harness is expensive. You have to spend from $40 to $90 to buy a basic or specialty wire. It is essential to mention the price of the harness wiring could also vary from place to place. In addition to the harness wiring, you also need tools such as masking tape, screwdriver sets, etc. Both of these costs, when added up together, make it costly.
  • Secondly, to replace a new wiring harness, you have first to remove the old one. If you hire a professional mechanic, they will charge extra money for removing the old harness wiring. It gets more expensive if the mechanic is paid hourly. 
  • Last, the harness wiring installation could be simple as well as complicated. If you are installing a specialty wiring – the cost of installation is expensive. It’s because the specialty wiring installation is very complicated. 
Features & Structure of Harness Wiring
Engine HarnessTransmission plug housing, oil controller gate, an Engine controller, Water temperature, Air pipe & pressure sensors.$100 to $1000
Air Bag HarnessYellow wire labeling that opens the airbag in the vehicle $200 to $700
Door Wiring HarnessControls the speaker, door & window lock, and power$40 to $90
Battery HarnessActs as a connecting bridge between engine and other devices$60 to $110

Q1. How long does it take to repair an engine wiring harness?

A. It depends on how bad the damage is and the complexity of the harness wiring. Usually, it could take as little as one hour to up to 20 hours to replace an engine wiring harness. 

Q2. How do I know if the wiring harness has gone wrong?

A. There are many indicators of worn-out/damaged engine wiring harnesses. If your vehicle battery is dead, loses charges frequently, engine idles down or revs up, or your vehicle stumbles while driving – it’s all a sign of bad engine wiring harness. 

Q3. What causes the engine wiring harness go bad?

A. Improper wiring layout of the vehicle, poor wiring connection to harness, and lack of vehicle maintenance cause your engine wiring harness gone bad. 

Final thoughts!

Although the engine wiring harness repair cost is expensive, it could save you from many fire hazards and various accidents. And nothing is more costly than a life. So hence, always check for your engine harness wires bi-annually or quarterly. Don’t hesitate to replace the harness wiring if they seem worn out!

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